All Eyes on Matty Marz New Single ‘Watcha Lookin At’

Matty Marz’ bio says, ‘pop’s new innovator’. That’s a pretty bold statement, but after checking out his latest single ‘Watcha Lookin At’, I wouldn’t argue with it. In fact, everything about the New York native’s discography screams new, fresh and innovative. His unique brand of futuristic pop has attracted over three hundred thousand streams on Spotify alone — and after you get swept up in the sweet swirl of his sound, you can understand why. He fuses elements of rock, pop, funk and electronica to create tracks bursting with energy and attitude. Despite only debuting back in 2020, the sense of personal style and artistic direction is instantly striking. It’s hard not to get lost in the intricate production of his tracks, be carried by the commanding air of his vocals and be swept up by the pop patterns exploding in his sonic universe.

‘Watcha Lookin At’ is no different. It is utterly and completely a pop banger. Matty Marz somehow manages to take classic pop tricks and completely refresh them. This track is a vibrant elevation of a pop classic. His vocals are outstanding from the crystal clear melodies cutting through the mix, to the washed-out harmonies swimming throughout the song. The way Matty allows the swelling synths to play off his vocal line is sensational, especially going into the last chorus. Slick guitar riffs are sprinkled, adding some funk into the synth-soaked soundscape. The bass is perhaps one of my favourite elements in this track; Matty clearly has a knack for getting into the details of the melodies within his songs. The way they intertwine, perfectly playing off each other and shifting in power dynamics of the mix is some seriously pro-level production. Not only is this track one of the catchiest I’ve come across in a while, but it’s bursting at the seams with a totally infectious effervescent spirit. When ‘Watcha Lookin At’ is released on the 18th of this month, I’m sure all eyes will be ‘lookin’ at Matty Marz. 


‘Watcha Lookin At’ Will Be Released on 18th February – LISTEN ON SPOTIFY

By Sasha Lauryn