Gabi Ammirato Comes Correct with Stunning ‘Metamorphosis’

Gabi Ammirato is a multi-talented artist with a hot, new release titled ‘Metamorphosis’. As a singer/songwriter, dancer, choreographer and photographer, Gabi Ammirato has many talents and making sweet music is definitely one of them. ‘Metamorphosis’ sounds like a chart-topper to me and loaded with charming songs that will excite the masses.

With a love for music and dance, Gabi incorporates many different styles and elements into her invigorating music. Everything from hip-hop and jazz to pop and classical, ‘Metamorphosis’ has so many shining moments for the audience. I was very excited to listen to this new EP from Gabi Ammirato because I sense the passion and dedication put into the making of this project. ‘Metamorphosis’ is up and running and off to the races!

With creative storytelling and a wonderful voice, you can’t lose with Gabi Ammirato and her most recent ‘Metamorphosis’. With Gabi on vocals, there are also a number of talented musicians backing her up on this EP and they are: Henry Hey on organ/keys, Fima Hefron on bass, Hod David
on guitar, Mike Wozniak on drums and Darrel Howell on drums/percussion. Produced by Wayne Trevisani, ‘Metamorphosis’ sounds like a million bucks!

Right away on the opening number, “Hideaway”, the listener will find out just how good of a singer Gabi Ammirato is with her lovely tone and wonderful voice in play. With a sweet ‘n’ sultry touch on the microphone, Gabi knows how to pull you in and not let go. Add in a very catchy beat & hook on “Hideaway” and you have yourself a killer song. On the next track, “Lessons to Learn”, I am simply loving the flow here where I would say Gabi Ammirato is bringing her A Game vocally & lyrically while the band is on top of things musically. On track three, “Rainbow, this is the perfect title for the song because it has such a positive feel where Gabi’s performance will warm you up inside & out. Gabi sings with a purpose on “Rainbow” with inspirational words to live by. Ammirato states “Every Rainbow starts with you and me” inspiring listeners everywhere to do right by one another. The EP ends on a high note with “Sunflower” where this song will leave a HUGE impact and lasting effect on the audience. What a fantastic finish for Gabi Ammirato performing at an incredible level as she sings with such conviction. Filled with emotion, heart & soul, this particular “Sunflower” will grow on you even if it is the winter.

I am so excited for the future of Gabi Ammirato because she is a phenomenal singer and songwriter who has star power. I see BIG things in the future for this artist with songs that are radio friendly and ready to be enjoyed by millions. I’m not sure what change, if any, Gabi Ammirato went through during the making ofMetamorphosis’ but the end result is magnificent. Big shout out to Gabi Ammirato and her entire team on their efforts here with ‘Metamorphosis’; Job Well done!

By Jimmy Rae