@skopemag news – saturday – january 22, 2022 @ 12 pm est

@skopemag news – saturday – january 22, 2022 @ 12 pm est

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Bronze Share “People Watching People” Single via Brooklyn Vegan, Announce Tour With OSEES | ‘Absolute Compliance’ LP Due 4/2 via Castle Face Records

We here at Castle Face dig a good trance. Hypnosis, mesmerization, and brain trickery are some of our favorite results of deep listening and it is a suggestive, ritualistic and dreamlike vibe that Bronze ooze like pheromones all over their excellent new record. Absolute Compliance is a truly hypnogogic group of tunes from Bronze on their best and weirdest behavior and it hits all my favorite things about them immediately and repeatedly: Insistently strange synth voicings emanating from Miles Friction’s mad scientists lab worth of equipment controlled by a homemade-looking oversized knob; Brian Hock’s throbbing, woolly, hall of mirror grooves; and above it all Rob Spector’s thousand yard croon the vaguely familiar touchstone amongst the Lynchian, mutated surroundings…these are songs of dreams and nightmares, hidden rituals observed, futuristic coliseum entertainments displaced in time, sci fi jams of an uncertain future. Bronze are one-of-a kind great and if you’re unfamiliar you should go find their other records (including their great live record for us) and get caught up. They are real-deal weirdo kings of San Francisco and their spell is not easily dissipated once cast. It’s out on Castle Face April 2nd.

Meet Bronx artist Ezra, watch + listen to “All Your Friends Hate Me”

Today, Bronx native and emerging artist Ezra formerly known as Young E.Z. rings in 2022 with his new single and first release “All Your Friends Hate Me” with Boom.Records. The amped up track produced by Drew Fulk aka WZRD BLD is accompanied by a dramatic visual that aids in bringing the rebellious anthem to life. Shot amongst a classroom setting and starring Ezra as a hopeful misfit pursuing a love interest that’s out of his league all while overcoming a few challenges to eventually win her love. Proving that love prevails in this modern day angst-ridden fairy tale.

Texas Thrashers XIL To Release New Album

Texas thrashers XIL will release their upcoming album Rip & Tear via Confused Records on Feb 25th 2022.

Blasting out of the savage underground of south-central Texas, the trio unshackle a dynamic sound born out of speed and thrash, with a riotous rock ‘n’ roll edge. Attacking with a powerful brutality, XIL’s new album speeds through the light barrier with intense energy that refuses to let up. “Speedemons” races at redneck speed following the dark entities in their mission to pillage and plunder the human species. “Breakneck” begins with a slower tempo building up to a dramatic transition into hard-hitting percussion and kick-ass guitar riffs. Creating a wall of sound with the instrumentation, XIL’s vocals soar above the utter heavy chaos, bringing their own raw, aggressive impact into the mix. Concluding Rip & Tear with “Equinox” combines the pillars of their sound to an ultimate climax. It’s energetic and filled up on guitar riffs producing a blazing effect.

Van Go Go – New Single ​& Video “Watch It Burn”

It’s here and they’re back!! Van Go Go’s new single and video for “Watch It Burn” is out NOW! This Michigan rock band has racked up over 1.3 million Spotify streams and is being played on radio stations all over the world. “Watch It Burn” is a banger that you need to experience yourself so dig in!!

French Alt-Rock/progressive quintet Seven Eyed Crow streamed brand new EP ‘Icarus’ // Out now on all legal platforms

As announced a couple of days ago with the music video illustrating the single “To My Old Man” : 4 years after the release of its first album ‘Organized Chaos’ (2018, Send The Wood Music), French alt-rock/prog/metal quintet Seven Eyed Crow just released a brand new EP ‘Icarus’ out now through all streaming services.


THE WATERS PROJECT, the bluesy rock project of DAVID LEE WATERS has revealed their video for the track “It’s What You Do To Me” via Doomed and Stoned.

David comments:
The song “It’s What You Do To Me” explores the tension between what one may feel comfortable with when expressing ‘love’ for someone – and the secret passions that we might be afraid to admit to, accept or want to explore but are afraid to.

“Your kiss stings like a thousand words no one should hear” speaks to a struggle to hold onto our image of ourselves that we present in public, when its too late to contain our secret passions. The ‘fine line’ of intimacy has been crossed.

I wanted to present the contrasting worlds of the ballet dancer by day / exotic dancer by night leading her double life – the woman in the church, supposedly there to pray for heavenly salvation but her inner self is an exploding fantasy.

“You never know who you’ll meet behind closed doors.”


Curtis Godino Presents The Midnight Wishers Share “He Loves Me Not” Single + Video via MXDWN | LP due 2/11 via Shimmy-Disc/Joyful Noise

Today, Curtis Godino Presents The Midnight Wishers share “He Loves Me Not,” the second single off their forthcoming self-titled LP, due February 11, 2022 via Shimmy-Disc/Joyful Noise Recordings.

“‘He Loves Me Not’ is the album’s most decisive foray beyond the girl-group formula,” said Godino. “Lyrics inspired by the lovelorn flower-picking game are supported by piano, mellotron, woodwinds and backward tracks plucked directly from the British Invasion.” Godino describes it as “a song with a fall feeling.”

PREMIERE: Curtis Gordino Presents The Midnight Wishers Share Trippy New Song “He Loves Me Not”

NEPTHISIS Premieres Full Album Spiral Hollow + New Video “No Stopping Now”

Gothic music sensation NEPTHISIS has premiered her new full-length album Spiral Hollow today, January 21st. To celebrate the release she has also revealed a new video for highlight track “No Stopping Now”.

Nepthisis full album premiere and video

Andrew Pitrone Shares “Life is But a Dream” Single + Music Video via Brooklyn Vegan | ‘Aurora Montage’ EP Coming Soon via Lolipop Records

Today, Andrew Pitrone shares a brand new single entitled “Life is But a Dream,” alongside an accompanying music video: “Shot in the wild hills of Southern California and at Savannah Studios in Boyle Heights on 16mm film by Fred Joseph and Kourosh Erfanian of Expo Aktuell Films. Directed by Ignacio Gonzale


The track hinges on a jaggedly menacing beat fueled by 808s and skittering cymbals as Meechy Baby tears through the production with tenacious verses. It all culminates on a commanding hook, “Get in there.” In the accompanying visual, he turns up next to a luxury SUV as he flows directly into the camera. It hints at his unbridled star power and raw charisma.

Laurie Jones: Good Man

Laurie Jones is an American Singer/songwriter that had been dubbed “the missing link between Dusty Springfield and Tom Petty. She has been referred to as “Chrissie Hynde with a folk guitar” and compared to Lucinda Williams and Sheryl Crow for her Americana and Folk-Rock influences. These comparisons she happily and humbly accepts. Influenced by a multitude of styles from Tom Petty, Suzanne Vega, and Fleetwood Mac, Jones combines the craft of songwriting with her own unique sounds that range from Rock to Gospel. Whether playing her songs acoustic solo, or backed by her rock solid band, Jones delivers the lyrical sass and musical punch she has built her reputation on.

The Nomadic Release Official Music Video for Single “GRAND MISTAKES”

“Grand Mistakes is, along with ‘Under a Georgia Sky,’ one of the first songs I wrote on piano,” says singer-songwriter Rob. “I am excited to see what Nomadic fans think of it! It is probably a little different to the singles we have put out so far. And I hope it moves and inspires people in different ways. It is really a song that captures the essence of the fact that we learn and grow from our greatest mistakes. And also, if we choose to, we can stop family trauma and repeat mistakes from continuing in a vicious cycle.”