The Health Benefits of Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll can be found in all plant life on Earth. It’s an essential component that gives plants their vibrant green pigment. Chlorophyll found in plant cells is responsible for absorbing sunlight to make food from carbon dioxide and water. Today, it is a commonly marketed supplement. People began to supplement chlorophyll to manage the odor of injured army patients in the 1940s. Recently, it’s been popularized on the social media platform TikTok to help detoxify the body. This has led to people wondering about which claims regarding chlorophyll are true. Before incorporating any dietary supplements or making major changes to your lifestyle, check with your doctor and see what’s best for your body.

You’ll come across two forms of this natural compound. Chlorophyll is the oil-soluble form, while chlorophyllin is the synthetic, water-soluble form of it. Chlorophyll can be found in plants naturally. Meanwhile, chlorophyllin is the byproduct often used in supplements meant to be taken with meals. It’s an additive that is also used in medication or food coloring. Here are some of the health benefits associated with chlorophyll.

Liquid chlorophyll has antioxidant effects.

You’ll find that liquid chlorophyll is being used for its antioxidant effects to help detox your body and aid in digestion. NHC sells the NOW Liquid Chlorophyll, which promotes cleansing within your body and helps freshen your breath. It’s meant to support any internal deodorizing because of its antioxidant effects. The NOW Foods chlorophyll product is highly concentrated and has over 90 servings worth of product. It is meant to support the internal cleansing of your body.

Studies show that topical application helps with acne and large pores.


Not only is chlorophyll an antioxidant, but it’s also antimicrobial. The Journal of Drugs in Dermatology has tested the effects of chlorophyllin for skin conditions. They have found that it’s effective for acne treatment when applied topically. Some skincare products actually incorporate chlorophyll to help with acne lesions and oil control. When used in conjunction with light therapy, sebum levels are a lot more manageable. The Korean Journal of Investigative Dermatology has also tested it on women over the age of 45. They have found that it significantly improved signs of skin aging and their skin’s elasticity. You’ll find that many skincare products that help reduce the appearance of wrinkles may have some form of chlorophyll as an ingredient.

Chlorophyll can help lower the risk of cancer.

A John Hopkins study showed that eating green vegetables rich in chlorophyll can reduce the risk of liver cancer. This is the case for cancers that are triggered by environmental factors. There is limited research on whether it works as a treatment. But eating green vegetables is undoubtedly a great way to help prevent and lower your risk of developing cancer. Still, there are other risk factors involved when it comes to cancer. It’s best to reach out to your doctor if this is one of your health concerns. A health care professional should advise you on the best supplements for your health.


Chlorophyll can be found in all plant life. And some studies show certain benefits from chlorophyll found in green vegetables and topical skin treatments. Whether you’re choosing to add liquid forms into your diet or hoping to enjoy the greenery it provides by ordering a house plant delivery, and chlorophyll is an essential compound. It can benefit you both externally and internally. You can order some indoor plants to boost your mood and help purify your air. Or you can apply chlorophyll skincare products to help with your acne. Hopefully, this page has helped you understand which benefits are misconceptions and which ones are scientifically proven.