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Cinematic Ambient Duo SILENT SKIES Releases Official Video for Second Single “Leaving”

SILENT SKIES, the cinematic ambient project of Evergrey’s Tom S. Englund and classically trained pianist and composer Vikram Shankar (Redemption), have just released another new single, “Leaving”, cut from their luminescent upcoming second studio album and label debut, Nectar, out February 4, 2022 via Napalm Records.


Fast-rising London-based rapper, $tevoxcv has released a new single titled “Life”. The introspective single comes as a follow-up of critically acclaimed “Hypnotized” (featuring David Meli) which was released in 2021. On the deep and intimate single, “Life”, $tevoxcv shares stories from his past while sprinkling motivational bars over the wavy production by Midasmidi x Lenox. One unmissable element on this song is $tevoxcv’s storytelling dexterity as he reflects on his worst days and best days in the short and punchy verses. For the rapper, “Life” is also an avenue to address personal experiences such as Imposter syndrome, adulting, success, and dreams.


Pop singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Jake Scott has officially signed to Elektra Records—as announced today. After generating north of 400 million streams independently, selling out tours, and receiving praise from Forbes, Billboard, American Songwriter, and more, the Arkansas-born and Los Angeles-based artist kicks off the next chapter of his career and will be unveiling his first release under the newly minted deal very soon.

Rising Singer-Songwriter Jake Scott Signs With Elektra Records: Exclusive


Singer/Songwriter Kelly Besd Tackles Inequality With Call To Action & Open Arms in Hard-Hitting Track, “Dreamin’”

As we look ahead to 2022 and the tumultuous journey the world is embarking on for the nth time in history, it’s words of encouragement from activists, free thinkers, and musicians like Canadian singer/songwriter Kelly Besd, and her new single “Dreamin’,” that remind us to keep pushing forward.

[PRESS] Broken Field Runner “Baby Satan” Video Premiere

Los Angeles indie rock outfit Broken Field Runner is back with a new single titled “Baby Satan.” It’s a poppy earworm from their upcoming EP, RUNNER, that is due out this March on Jetsam-Flotsam. For those unfamiliar with the group, Broken Field Runner is the brainchild of Tony Bucci and a rotating cast of collaborators. Over the years the band has experimented in multiple genres always pushing to evolve their sound.

MARIANGELA DEMURTAS Releases Video For “City”

MARIANGELA DEMURTAS, vocalist of acclaimed metal bands Tristania and Ardours, has released a new video for her single “City” . The song is from her upcoming EP Dark Ability which will be released on February 11 2022.

Mari comments: “City” is a place where our dreams grow. Either we love it, or we hate it, and it is always coming with an expectation that sometimes can burn you out…

Video Premiere: Mariangela Demurtas (Tristania / Ardours) – “City”


MR BRUCE – Releases “Volatile Times” Single || Plots UK Tour this Spring

Released today, it arrives as the fourth and final single release to be cut from Mr Bruce’s debut EP, ‘RACE TO NOWHERE [PART ONE]’ – out now on Deep Blue Records.

Sharing DNA with contemporaries the likes of Disclosure, Jamie XX or Lone, “Volatile Times” is a 2-Step Garage track at its heart, with euphoria-inducing basslines, rapidfire wordplay and funky rhythms that all take cues from that pivotal UK subgenre and its early pioneers.

White Lies Release New Single “Am I Really Going To Die” Out Now on PIAS

Today, White Lies share their latest track “Am I Really Going To Die,” from their forthcoming sixth album, As I Try Not To Fall Apart, due out Friday, February 18th on [PIAS].

Talking about “Am I Really Going To Die”, which follows the release of “I Don’t Want To Go To Mars” and the title-track of the album, Charles Cave of the band says:

“‘Am I Really Going to Die’ is a song with familiar subject matter for White Lies but a new chapter musically. It’s the first part of a two-song narrative about a self-important hot-shot given a terminal diagnosis, and the various stages of his coming to terms with it. AIRGTD is loosely inspired by the great Danny Huston’s character in ‘Ivans XTC’, and musically by Station to Station era Bowie.”

NEW MUSIC: Groundation Drop “Original Riddim” feat. Israel Vibration & The Abyssinians

The album’s first single, “Original Riddim,” drops January 13, kicking off the pre-order period for the release. This song tells a universal story of how music is a part of the spark that began our human experience, “opening up the heavens of possibilities” and “expanding our minds into infinite degrees.” “Original Riddim” also welcomes the listener into the conversation, as Stafford provokes listeners with the line, “Before man walked and talked about, they formed a union where no tribe was left out, you are not left out!” A music video for the song, directed by Roger Hall and filmed on location in Jamaica, New York, Texas, Florida, and California, is being released the same day as the single. Just as the song brings together Israel Vibration and The Abyssinians for the first time, the video also treads new ground by having both groups, along with The Congos, alongside Groundation.

A Short Walk To Pluto

Toronto-born foursome A Short Walk To Pluto pride themselves on their ability to connect with listeners through a potent combination of eclectic progressive rock stylings and uncompromising songwriting.

As the band’s heaviest track yet, “Phantom Lover” jolts you into an excited fury with lyrics that invoke a sexy and smokey atmosphere full of 20-somethings looking for some action. The title “Phantom Lover” refers to a lover that is only existent for the duration of a one night stand. The next morning, they are merely a phantom.

Night Cobra Unveils NES-style 8-Bit Video “The Neuromancer’s Curse”

Night Cobra plays uncaged music for an age of discontent. The Houston heavy metal band will release its debut full length LP, ‘Dawn of the Serpent’, on February 11 via Irongrip Records/High Roller Records. Featuring current and former members of Eternal Champion, Necrofier, Venomous Maximus, and more, Night Cobra plays a fiery blend of scorching rock ‘n’ roll and blistering metal that “strikes fast” (Houston Press). With ‘Dawn of the Serpent’, Night Cobra delivers high-tech, low life heavy metal that sounds like it was made on the concrete streets of a city. Ominous cover artwork by Adam Burke (Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats) portends the calamity that the record promises.

Video Premiere: Night Cobra – “The Neuromancer’s Curse”


“The BRKN is one of those bands whose music is less about a signature sound and more about a signature vibe. Their previous releases, such as Lovers, Come Outside, and Lost Boy have neatly proven that within a sort of upbeat neo-soul, punchy pop, and sparky indie corner of the musical Venn Diagram, they are a wellspring of evolving and elective creativity. But no matter what form their music takes it is guaranteed to be upbeat to the point of being buoyant, energetic to the point of euphoria, infectious, hook-laden, addictive, polished and, best of all, fun” – Dancing About Architecture

BROODS Release New Single/Video “Like A Woman” + Announce North American Tour

“To me this song very much reflects what it feels like to talk about things that have hurt you,” shares Georgia. “You might start off like, ‘I think I’m all right. Although it did hurt. It hurt a lot, actually. I mean, yeah—it really fucking hurt.’ Or at least that’s how I tend to talk about these things, but I’m learning that, when I look a little deeper into the aches and pains, they all come from a place of love. Doing that gives me a way of seeing it in a non-judgmental way… I didn’t have any idea at the time how important of a song it would become to me. I hope people can feel as held as I felt when they hear it.”