FinoTrend Allows You to Choose Your Suitable Account Type Based on Your Trading Experience

Are you a beginner or an experienced trader? Choose your account type based on your vision and capacity to handle risks. It becomes easy for you to decide about your trading journey when there are different options for the account type. At FinoTrend, you have five options to choose your suitable account type-

  • Beginner
  • Trader
  • Expert
  • VIP
  • Exclusive

Your experience in online trading determines how you should invest in trading and how you can handle risks in trading. Some investments can be very risky but offer significant returns. Without an effective trading experience, you should not go for those investments, because you can lose all your money. The availability of different account types helps you to understand which account type is suitable for you. However, there are very few financial organizations that allow you to choose your suitable account type depending on your trading experience. The trusted brokerage company FinoTrend offers five different account types with different facilities from which the clients can select their suitable account type.

How to Select Your Account Type with FinoTrend?

With FinoTrend, you will have five different options for account type, such as exclusive, expert, VIP, trader, and beginner. There is different depositing money for different account types. For instance, the amount of money you require for opening a ‘beginner’ account type is less compared to opening an ‘exclusive’ account type. Therefore, if your experience in online trading is limited, you should start with a ‘beginner’ or ‘trader’ account type. However, with these account types, you will not be able to receive trading signals and have limited open positions. to enjoy unlimited open positions, availability of trading signals, and other facilities, you should select an account type from ‘exclusive’, ‘expert’, and ‘VIP’. However, these account types are expensive, and you require to have effective knowledge about online to trade with these account types. You can access all the account types with your Pc, tablet, or mobile. Once you will register with this organization, you have to make a deposit depending on your account type in order to start trading.

What Is a Demo Account at FinoTrend?

A demo account does not require your funds and therefore, you can use a demo account to test different strategies without the fear of losing money. You can not participate in real trade with the demo account; however, you can learn the basics of online trading from this account. FinoTrend allows you to use the demo account whenever you want.

Why Should You Open a Real Account with FinoTrend?

If you open a real account with FinoTrend, you will have several tools and features to monitor your trading and ensure profit. Immediate order execution and live date feed streaming facilities are effective to help you make a profit from the market movement. With the help of STP technology, trading on the live market conditions becomes easy. You can also have price alerts and trading signals when you choose any expensive account type. Above all, FinoTrend offers Islamic accounts for Muslim customers so that they can trade without receiving or paying interest. Therefore, FinoTrend is a rare financial organization that can offer you all these facilities.