New Video By Jen Fodor feat. Sara Beth Go “Saturday”

With a leap of faith, Michigan native Jen Fodor stepped into the jaws of LA, the town notorious for chewing up and spitting out artists. Here, she emerged as an unstoppable force of creative vision and drive, taking on any and every role in the entertainment industry. She’s worked closely with renowned directors like Spike Jonze, created her own podcast, and directed the PBS documentary The Dancing Man of LA. Beyond flexing her creative eye, Jen Fodor has a natural talent for designing and producing dreamy musical soundscapes and heartfelt lyrics. Songs like “Front Row,” inspired by her documentary, capture her ability to spin together touching storytelling with beautiful direction. Now, the visionary is looking to break into the music industry by creating songs that touch your soul and happily get stuck on repeat in your head.

When Jen Fodor first penned “Saturday” two years ago, she envisioned a melancholy track about heartbreak intricately layered over whimsical instrumentals. Here to breathe life into the dream is singer Sarah Beth Go, bringing her sweet, sugary vocals that melt into the artist’s exceptional lyricism like cotton candy. The music video, also directed by Jen Fodor, is a brilliant pop of vibrance where the singer performs playful melodies against a retro Nashville backdrop. The gentle strums of the guitar and easy beats pair seamlessly together to create a nostalgic song composition. If you look closely, you can even spot Jen Fodor playing the drums, bringing her instrumental talents to the center stage. The video does a beautiful job depicting the feeling of blues that come with falling out of love. Drift away into “Saturday,” the next sure-fire hit on the pop charts.