Where to Download Ready Website Layouts 

A couple of years ago, the only way to create a website was to write code. This complicated the work of professional website design studios, as it was needed to understand the design trends and programming. But everything has changed thanks to ready-made website layouts. With their help, even a beginner can create a design in just a few hours. But where to download the templates? You can learn more about the best services with layouts below.

Collections of ready-made website templates

If you need to create a website but you don’t want to pay much, use these websites.

1. Envato

Envato is an Australian brand established in 2006. Thousands of pieces of content are collected here. In addition to stock, video, and audio materials, the company provides hundreds of ready-made layouts for the sites. To do this, the brand has developed a separate platform, EnvatoMarkets.

To search for templates, you can use filters and search for options in specific categories, for example, sort layouts by programming language. Most options are presented in HTML and CSS. All templates are paid-for.

2. ReadyTheme

You can find thousands of ready-made layouts on ReadyTheme. The company was founded in October 2015 and has become popular in providing free website templates to companies. Here you can find options for WordPress and HTML.

3. Symu

Symu is a website where web designers post their layouts, and other users can download them for free. Having chosen the template you like, you need to confirm the email address. Although there are not many options on Symu, they are all presented in PSD format, and they look bright and unusual. There are layouts for both single-page sites and large web projects.

4. Elegant Themes

This resource will help web designers looking for layouts for WordPress. The site has more than 800 options; any elements in them can be customized. To download, you need to have a pay-for subscription. This way, the user gets access to all layouts, a license, and premium support.

Why choose ready-made layouts?

Services with ready-made layouts are in demand not only among beginners but also among experienced web designers. This can quickly create a website without thinking about learning a programming language and writing code.

Layouts can be found for various projects, from business card WEBsites to websites with hundreds of pages. Therefore, even the launch of a large resource can be done very quickly.

Cons of ready-made layouts

Ready-made website templates also have disadvantages that you should not forget about. These are the common drawbacks of off-the-shelf layouts:

  • Monotony. It seems that all options are the same and are made in a single design. This is noticeable even when downloading paid layouts. When choosing a free opportunity, someone has likely used it before. As a result, the website becomes non-unique and less memorable.
  • Hard to customize. Even in the case of a very nice template, you want to add or remove elements to make the website look to your liking, but this is not easy to do. Sometimes even experienced designers find it challenging to work with the layout made by someone else.
  • Unable to adapt. It is necessary that the website is convenient to use on any device, as this will attract more traffic. This does not always work with templates: some cannot be opened in the mobile version, others are difficult to perceive on a large monitor.

All these shortcomings adversely affect even the one-page website, let alone large projects. How to avoid such problems without learning the basics of layout and programming? Address a professional UX/UI design agency. 

Advantages of custom website development

Custom web development solves the problems that arise when working with ready-made layouts. Thanks to professionals, sites become:

  • Original. The specialist focuses on the client’s needs and creates a website with a design that takes into account the client’s wishes. Therefore, an online store or blog will stand out among competitors, and users will remember it and want to return to it.
  • Convenient. Due to customization, the interface becomes more intuitive. Therefore, the website is easy to use for visitors regardless of the device they view. Also, there will not be any unnecessary features that are often present in ready-made layouts.


Unique websites are easier to promote. If a resource is filled with high-quality content, it appears higher in the Google search results top and attracts more traffic. Consequently, it allows them to reduce advertising costs and retain more clients. Use ready-made layouts or address professional website designers if you need a beautiful website for your business.