Here’s The Heat: Hot Hits You Need To Hear This Year

With 2 months left in 2021, we bring you some of the hottest artists from around the world, worthy of global recognition. These talented and dedicated artists are names you definitely want to get familiar with. Below we present you with their latest releases.These are all hot joints you definitely want to add to your playlist. Keep an eye on these rising artists in 2022! Read more on Limitless Mag and Midwest Fleet Radio.

With 2 months left in 2021, we bring you some of the hottest artists from around the world, worthy of global recognition. These talented and dedicated artists are names you definitely want to get familiar with. Below we present you with their latest releases.These are all hot joints you definitely want to add to your playlist. Keep an eye on these rising artists in 2022! Read more on Limitless Mag and Midwest Fleet Radio.

Banchie – “So Long” – You are now hypnotized with a new video from Banchie! Check out the new single from Banchie EP “Trance” coming to you soon! It’s available on all media platforms so check it out! Also go check out the video directed by J-Tech and the song produced by J. Patterns IG: @jtechtck @b.a.n.c.h.i.e

CasinoATX – “All About the Dollar Bills” – All About the Dollar Bill is about the pursuit of money in America and the hypocrisy involved in dealing with Capitalism! In particular the double standards rappers deal with trying to come up and achieve success. IG: @CasinoATX

D.Denzel – “Spanish Girl” – D.Denzel is putting Toronto on the map! The rising Canadian artist just released a new album “Welcome To The Jngl”, available now on his website. His new album encompasses the amalgamation message and movement (LYOW) “Lead Your Own Way!” and is full of hit singles. D.Denzel is taking over the game! Make sure you check out his new album now!. IG: @D.Denzel38

DHS – “The Stove” – Out of West Philadelphia, Mr. Mossberg Banga who’s an entrepreneur is the founder and owner of the record label Hilltop Coalition Entertainment. Determined to put out good music as a solo artist he also took the initiative to keep his close friends/family alongside him along the way. Mr. Banga has been one fourth of the group Dark Hustlaz Society for the past decade and a half. The group is composed of Mr. Banga, L Crock, Loc, Sam G, and the late J Curtis who was called home from his savior 7 years ago. Ever the multi-taskers, DHS (Dark Hustlaz Society) is on a mission to affect change to bring the sound back to the hilltop the mecca of Philadelphia hip-hop where it started. Check out “The Stove” and “How It Is”. IG: @MrBanga63_real_mosbergbanga

FastLaneLord – “War” – His new single “WAR” is just what the streets needed for the fall and features Houston native Lil Jairmy. When asked why he tapped Lil Jairmy for this project he stated, “I chose Lil Jairmy as a feature because he’s the hottest in his city of Houston, plus he has the backing of Lil Baby.” He also stated that the song almost didn’t happen because they were both late to the recording session, but being the two talented rappers they are, they made it happen with limited time and the rest was history. IG: @FastLaneLord 

Gino Haze – “Since We Bein’ Honest” – Gino Haze released a 7-track EP that showcases his undeniable talent and sound. He gets vulnerable, creative, and lyrical on this album — displaying a little bit of everything and offering something for everyone on this project. With his father being from Los Angeles and his mother being from Chicago, Gino was able to incorporate sounds from both major cities into his music, and it works in his favor. On the EP, he collaborates with other artists such as Joel Q, Jay Millian, and CALIthePOET, all of which add their own dope sounds to the tracks. Gino Haze is someone that injects honesty and sincerity into each release, maintaining his reputation as a hustler and someone to be on the lookout for. IG: @GinoHaze

J Da Great – “Realest Nigga” – J Da Great is a rising Chicago based artist who just dropped a hot new single titled “Realest Nigga”. He’s been gettin heavy airplay and interviews on the radio while his “winning” video reached 14k views and 10K streams on spotify. It also reached  #3 on itunes charts surpassing Drake. His latest single “Realist Nigga” got instantly approved for 15 different playlists. It’s also aired on radio rotations with Air it out Radio and others. Check out his new music now! IG: @j_da_great247

Jordan Herbst – “What A Day” – Jordan Herbst is from a small town called Bishop in the Eastern Sierra mountains. A real small-town CA boy with a beautiful voice and skills on the guitar. “What a Day” is Jordan Herbst’s debut single, he already has begun to make a name for himself in the music industry with only one track currently out on Spotify and Apple Music. We expect to hear a lot more amazing music from this young talent to end the year and start off 2022. IG: @Jordan_Herbst 

Kemini – “Cross The Line” – Rising Boston, MA based hip hop artist and actor Kemini just dropped a hot new single and video titled “Cross The Line”. He also has two dope albums “Misfits and Rejects” and his newest album called “Vendetta”. He’s creating new genres in hip hop and rocking a lot of fashion. His music sounds like rebellion music and a lot of people get mad at the content because it’s dark. What’s next is live shows, bigger branding and radio play. Kemini is also the founder of the MINIMafia movement. IG: @youheardkemini 

Newby – “Take Out” – Rising Canadian artist Newby is a force to be reckoned with. Finding success in his latest single “Take Out” he is showing the works how musically gifted he truly is. With a deep tone of voice and original songwriting this single is hands down his most impressive material to date. He has an authentic sound that is destined to reach the masses one day. “Take out” is a light hearted melodic bop that transcends through color, race, religion, ethnicity and gender. IG: @N3w6y 

Scotty Huss – “Checks” – Music artist Scotty Huss showcases his music skills with new single “Checks”. The new Scotty Huss release shows music is still his passion. This latest single is now available on all major platforms. He is set to release more music before the year ends. IG: @scottyhuss

Sh007er – “Casamigos” – Sh007er is a rising Baltimore based artist known for his lyrical abilities. He just dropped a hot new single titled “Casamigos”, which is about a situation where he invites a Puertoriican girl to his house that loves drinking casamigos tequila. An uptempo beat that goes along with the latin culture. Just an overall tune that you can dance and drink and have fun to. Check it out now and look out for his new single “Devilish” dropping soon! IG: @Sh007er

S.Burley – “Road To Riches” – Located in the Tampa Bay area, S.Burley is a hip hop Emcee and producer who provides a classic rap sound on modern life issues. His new single “Road To Riches”, is a catchy and high energy track tailor made for young motivated entrepreneurs seeking knowledge and financial literacy. This highly anticipated track was just released on all music platforms, soon after, the music video will be released in preparation for his upcoming album ”High Frequency”.  S.Burley shows the talent he possess for doing more than most artists making party music by displaying the combination of having a strong message, lyrics, and vocal performance. Subscribe to his youtube channel and his Exclusive Playlist on his website. S.Burley is here to speak to the people and create positive change. IG: @sburleytbjr

Shown 1K’s – “Stackaveli” – Shown 1K’s latest project ‘Stackaveli’ shows off his skills in an exciting way. On this project, Shown 1K is announcing to the world that he can deliver some of the best Hip Hop around today. Based in the epicenter of the blistering Hip Hop scene of Atlanta Georgia, he is creating a new sound for an entirely new generation of fans. Underpinned by meticulous rhymes and untamed lyricism, he also possesses in his pocket a harmonic flow that once heard, will never be forgotten. Inspired by 2Pac, this album ‘Stackaveli’ is about Shown 1K being reborn into a new artist, and showing audiences what he’s capable of. IG: @Shown1k

The Real Deal – “The Last Dance” – The Real Deal is an up and coming rapper originally from Rockford, Illinois who grew up in Chicago. He has been writing music since a teenager but only began taking it seriously when the pandemic swept the world. With the release of his debut song “I’m Gonna Miss You” back at the start of the year, he has begun to develop a large following and is getting national notoriety. His versatile style is what sets him apart from other rappers currently in the industry. His new hit song “The Last Dance” has been  going crazy on Spotify since release. IG: @TheRealDeal_Trd

Travis Shyn – “Uli Dongne” ft. ET – Travis Shyn has been making waves across the music industry all 2021. With headline features in many of the most prominent Hip-Hop media websites, his hit song “Quicksilver” has brought him a ton of attention this year. Using the momentum of a couple growing tracks Tavis Shyn has released a new music video titled “ULI DONGNE” and it has amassed over 4,000 views in only 2 weeks. With a growing fan base across platforms and the quality of Travis Shyn’s music, expect to see even more growth to end the year and begin 2022. IG: @RealTravisShyn 

Whyyoungn – “Darlene”“D A R L E N E” comes right on the heels of the incendiary “Hip-Hop Booty,” a summer single that earned WHYYOUNGN plenty of airplay on BET Jams, respect from his peers and the music press, and the deep appreciation of a New York rap audience that demands the best from emcees. The “Hip-Hop Booty” video caught WHYYOUNGN in action on the pavement outside the Barclays Center, comfortable and commanding, looking as much a part of the streetscape as the bodegas and traffic lights. For the new clip, he’s descended into the tunnels beneath the Grand Army Plaza, and he’s rapping under the fluorescent lights of one of Brooklyn’s most storied stations. He gives us the silver turnstiles, the black iron grates, the wooden seats, the MetroCard booths, the wall art, and the transit police hovering on the streets above the station. In one memorable shot, he stands in front of the subway map as if he’s part of it – as if he’s a piece of the city’s geography and history. And as a living link to the ongoing story of hip-hop in New York, that’s exactly what he is. IG: @whyyoungn