Ear Pain & Allergies – Diagnosis and Treatment

An itchy blocked ear can be intolerable. Many people experience this at least once in their lifetime. When it happens, you can instinctively dig them to feel better. But it rarely helps and can threaten your ear health. The common reason behind itchiness can be earwax or, sometimes, eczema. Digging can lead to ear infections because of the skin inflammation inside your ears, making them susceptible to fungal or bacterial growth. Have you heard about otitis externa? It is one of those conditions caused by the infected ear canal skin. In some cases, sinuses and nose allergies result in mucus buildup at the back of the nose, creating pressure on the Eustachian tube and, eventually, itching in the ears.

Hence, it is essential to be careful about these things from the beginning. If you live in Singapore, you will come across many people facing the issue of blocked ears and itchiness due to high humidity. Infection can also occur due to polluted water collected in your ear during a shower, hot bath, or swimming. There can be various reasons behind this condition. People with diabetes have to take special care for infection prevention as it can affect their ear bones. Nevertheless, you can visit Ear & Allergy Clinic Singapore to seek help with any such problems. Before this, it will be better to gain some idea about otitis externa.


Physical examination and past medical records can help establish your condition. If the report suggests fungal infection, the doctor can refer to it as otomycosis. It happens when hyphae and fungus spores accumulate in the external ear canal. ENT specialists may recommend a culture test for an ear to detect the bacteria. Some common symptoms of this type of ear infection include:

  • Pain or itchiness in the ear with a stinking fluid discharge
  • Blocked ears with hearing trouble
  • Red and swollen external ear skin with too much sensitivity


No matter what causes this, your doctor will focus on treating infection and your symptoms. The procedure can involve ear cleaning through the micro-suction technique. Once done, they can administer antibiotics. Micro-suction is one of the most effective ear treatment solutions for ears. A doctor uses a microscope to view the internal ears and a medical suction device to safely suck the wax out from there.

Preventive tips

Keeping your ears safe is critical. Usually, people start digging them at the slightest hint of pain or itchiness. Cotton buds, digital tools, and metal spoons remain the typical resorts. But these can damage them. So stay away from this unhealthy practice. Also, moisture in the ear canal can cause bacteria and fungus. That’s why you have to keep them dry. When swimming or showering, you can use swim plugs to prevent water from getting into your ears.

Another thing is to replace your earphones with headphones. Earphones can easily get infected with bacteria, and since you insert them into your ears, they get an easy passage. With headphones, you are not at that high risk.

Ear infection and allergies can seem like a minor problem. But when these affect your ears, you can feel excruciating pain and discomfort. If you want to treat them safely, visit your local doctor for assistance.