Tried Vaping Before? Here’s Why It’s Better in 2021 Than You Remember

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that vaping has already been around for more than a decade. Vaping has been around for so long, in fact, that if you’re still a smoker, you may have already tried vaping and decided that it wasn’t for you. In this article, we’re going to explain why it’s time to give vaping a second chance in 2021. If your first experience with vaping wasn’t a good one, you’re going to find that today’s vaping products completely resolve the issues of the past.

E-Liquid Flavours Are Better Than Ever

The biggest thing that makes vaping so different these days from what it was like in the early years is the fact that the e-liquids taste so much better than they used to. If you tried vaping for the first time in the early 2010s, you might have purchased a small cigarette-shaped device from a local convenience store or gas station. It’s likely that the device’s flavour selection was extremely limited. In those days, cigalikes were mostly limited to tobacco and menthol flavours, and a few sweeter options like vanilla, cherry and coffee were often available. Those options, however, are nothing compared to the amazingly complex profiles that you can enjoy today when you buy vape juice made by a company like Jam Monster.

There’s no way that any one e-liquid brand could represent the entire vaping industry; there’s just too much variety available. However, Jam Monster certainly serves to represent the level of complexity that’s available. Every vape juice from Jam Monster starts with the flavour of warm toasted bread with a bit of butter. From there, all that you need to do is choose your favourite type of jam. You can find blueberry, strawberry, apple and a wide variety of other options. Every Jam Monster e-liquid is a perfect breakfast vape juice, and the vaping industry today is absolutely stuffed with vape juices offering similar levels of complexity.

E-Liquid Is More Satisfying Than Ever – Especially for New Vapers

One of the problems that you may have experienced if you tried vaping several years ago was the fact that the small vaping devices available at the time simply weren’t that satisfying or enjoyable to use. New vapers would almost always prefer to use small, simple vaping devices rather than the more complex vape mods that experienced vapers often use.

The issue with small vaping devices, though, is that they produce small vapour clouds. If you use a device with modest vapour production, you’re not going to inhale a great deal of e-liquid with each puff. Therefore, the e-liquid needs to have a high nicotine strength in order for the vaping device to produce the same level of satisfaction that you’d get from smoking.

Here in the United Kingdom, the Tobacco Products Directive limits all e-liquid to a maximum nicotine strength of 20 mg/ml. Small e-cigarettes have always had nicotine strengths somewhere in that range. In the past, though, many people experienced throat irritation when using higher-strength e-liquids because all vape juice at that time used freebase nicotine, which is quite alkaline.

So, what’s different about today’s vape juices? The difference is that most of the high-strength e-liquid on the market now uses nicotine salt, which has a more neutral pH and is much less likely to cause throat irritation at high nicotine strengths. Nicotine salt has made the experience much more pleasant for those who are trying to switch from smoking to vaping. Nicotine salt has made small vaping devices so much better, in fact, that many of the people who use those devices are completely happy and have no interest in upgrading to larger vape mods.

Today’s Vaping Devices Are Truly Newbie Friendly

Speaking of modern vaping devices, the biggest reason why vaping is so much better in 2021 than it was in the beginning is because the hardware is infinitely better than it used to be. While it’s true that the e-liquid is tastier and more satisfying than ever, those things wouldn’t matter if the hardware couldn’t deliver a great experience.

Today’s new vapers are generally choosing pod-based systems and disposable vapes as their first vaping devices, and there are several good reasons for that. Both types of vaping devices are absolutely ideal for beginners, and here are the reasons why they’re so much more newbie friendly these days.

  • Disposable vapes have been around for almost as long as vaping has existed, but it’s only relatively recently that they finally became less expensive than tobacco cigarettes. In the past, buying a disposable vape was a great way to introduce yourself to vaping, but you wouldn’t want to use disposable e-cigarettes full time because you’d end up paying more to vape than you would to smoke. Disposable vapes are much cheaper today, so that’s no longer the case. Disposable vapes also produce bigger vapour clouds than they did in the past, and they offer longer battery life and more e-liquid storage. The most important factor is that disposable e-cigarettes are no longer only available in tobacco and menthol flavours. These days, manufacturers are filling their disposable vapes with the same great vape juices that you’d ordinarily buy in bottled form.
  • Pod systems are slightly newer vaping devices, and they replace the cigarette-shaped cigalikes that most convenience stores and gas stations offered in the past. Rather than storing its e-liquid in a twist-on cylinder, a pod system uses a drop-in pod that holds more e-liquid and produces a much larger and more satisfying vapour cloud. The fact that pod systems are larger than cigalikes also allows them to last longer between charging sessions. If you prefer a very convenient vaping experience, you can find pod systems that use pre-filled disposable pods. However, there are also many pod systems available that use refillable pods – so regardless of what you want from your vaping experience, you can find a pod system that’ll be perfect for your needs.