Add Indian coffee to your holiday shopping list – Know the reasons why

As the year comes to an end, we are all heading to the holiday season! It’s a magical time. It’s a time for reflection on a year passing by, family gatherings and refreshments. However, amidst all this, you can’t miss out on the white elephant inside your holiday living room; that is the act of gifting people. It’s the time where you need to find the best and apt gifts for people on your list.

The tube socks and neckties are all good! However, these last-minute gifts for Christmas usually end up in the dustiest dresser drawers of your family members and friends. Hence, it is necessary to understand the key to correct gifting. You need to know what will make up for a memorable Christmas or holiday gift and what might end up in a re-gift fodder.

Indian coffee is a smart gifting idea this holiday season. And if you are in two minds about whether a pack of freshly roasted coffee should make it to your holiday shopping list or not, the following reasons can help you decide well.

Coffee will sustain for a while

The deli meat will get spoiled, high-end cheese will have mould, and the best confections will get stale. Hence, all the tasty holiday dishes that you end up gifting your best friend or co-worker can land up in the trashcan without them taking a wistful bite. Hence, it’s always better to choose a gift that will not get spoiled and has a good shelf life. If you store the coffee grounds correctly it can keep the aroma and flavour intact for several months. And if you choose whole beans coffee, it can stay fresh for about nine months before it gets dry. And if you want to retain more freshness, you will require a vacuum-sealed container along with a climate-managed space that is away from excess light or heat exposure.

Coffee is also very versatile.

It’s not a compulsion to know how your grandma or father consumes the morning cup of coffee! It would help if you drank it the way you like it. Whether you take it with cinnamon, sugar, milk or black – coffee is akin to a blank slate where you and your family members can experiment with the way they want to consume it. However, if your father has been sipping coffee with milk and sugar for three decades, you might want to browse Indian coffee, which caters to his pallet. It takes time to learn about the coffee flavour wheel and arrive at the correct one for yourself and others.

Coffee tastes fantastic every time

Coffee has earned the reputation of being the most cherished morning cup of drink! Depending on the roast, brewing temperature, and flavour profile, coffee can even taste better. You can use it as a tasty evening aperitif or a refreshing drink on a sunny afternoon.

The versatility that Indian coffee has makes it an ideal holiday gift. And you have the chance to expand the coffee horizons in this holiday season, from sunset to sunrise.

Coffee is a great travel friend.

The holiday season is when you make travel plans and holiday vacations. And here you need to realise that coffee is a great companion to have with you. Whether you are travelling yourself or have a friend who has made travel plans this holiday season – coffee is an excellent companion to go along.

Coffee has a bunch of health benefits.

Winter is around the corner, and with that, the time of cold and flu is near! And regardless of how thoughtful it might seem; you can’t gift your friend or a loved one with a bottle of cough syrup for the holiday season. But you can always add a pack or pouch of Indian coffee, which will make them happy. Also, coffee drinkers enjoy ample health benefits. People who have the habit of drinking their morning cup of coffee have enhanced brain power and enjoy a good metabolism. Coffee consumed in moderation is also suitable for heart health.

The benefits of antioxidants

Most people talk about the antioxidants present in coffee and the benefits it carries. Usually, things start simply. The metabolic process generates energy that is essential for life. However, it also results in waste that arrives as oxidised molecules which can cause harm to the body. The antioxidants get described as a broader team of molecules that can effectively remove the dangerous waste. Every organism generates antioxidants which is a part of the metabolic balance. To date, it’s not clear whether any antioxidant diet supplementation will augment such natural defences. However, studies are going on in this line. Today, coffee consumption can help people to derive the multiple benefits of antioxidants.

These are a few benefits you might be attracted to add Indian coffee to your holiday shopping list. You will be happy to gift it to a dear one and also get one for your family.