Wild Casino review 2021

If we want to explain the growth of online casino games, suffice to say that nowadays, we have more than 15000 online casinos, and this number is increasing every day. But why is that number so significant? Consider you are searching on the internet and suddenly so many ads pop up which one you should choose? Which element should you pay attention to before starting to bet on one of these casinos? Exactly when you are confused by all these ads is when you need experts’ help, today we are going to give you valuable information about Wild Casino and to do so, we are going to use playnowpro.com‘s experts’ analysis.

Wild Casino History

WildCasino is one of the subsidiaries of the famous online casino Betonline and began its work in 2018. Ever since then, it has become a great online casino and provides unique services to all its users. WildCasino was established in Panama and is working under the license of this country.

Banking methods

Like most online casinos, WildCasino provides various payment methods; suffice to say that they offer Cryptocurrencies and traditional banking methods such as wire transfer in their payment package. The speed and quality of their services are one of a kind, and gamblers can rarely find a website that offers all these services at once. Now take a close look at the payments methods provided by the website:


If you want to evaluate the reliability of a website, we recommend you to look at its withdrawal methods and procedure. WildCasino will process all the withdrawal requests in 48 hours, and their payment will vary depending on the banking methods you choose; the recommended method is Cryptocurrencies, and they will transfer your money as quick as possible.

If you want to use 100 years old banking methods such as Live Wire and Check, never forget to write down the address you provided to your bank and ensure all the information matches your actual data.


The first step after registering on any online casino is depositing money. WildCasino, to make this process easier for all users, provided the best depositing options. One of the advantages point of WildCasino is their self update process, whenever a new payment methods is surfaced WildCasio is the first website to use it. Their first choice of payment, as always, is Cryptocurrencies; however, other ways are still acceptable. To benefit more from the website’s utilities, playnowpro.com recommends using Bitcoin for depositing money on WildCasino.


Do you want to know why we chose this website? Because one of the few websites that offer Bonuses even if you lose is WildCasino! When you play and bet on WildCasino, you can be sure that you can still count on the 10% bonus offered by the casino when you lose all your money. But this is not the best offer! When you first make a deposit, you can benefit from a welcome bonus of up to $5000. If you want to know more about these weekly bonuses, we recommend checking playnowpro.com at your easiest convenience.


Banking methods and Bonuses are one side of the equation; the other is games and customer services. WIldCasino players can enjoy playing and betting on one of the most excellent online casinos in the world. Most websites offer only a handful of games; however, this is not the case with WildCasino. Their slots collection is without a doubt one of the most significant game collections all over the world. The tournament, which is held throughout the week, offers $1,000,000 in bonuses. Wait, this is not the end; you can also experience a live casino environment no matter where you are and where you are gambling.

Customer support

One of the key points in the success of online casinos is how they respond their customers’ questions and problems. In this section, we can assure you that WildCasino is a 5-star casino, and no other competitor can keep up with it. Using email, phone, and online chat services along with trustworthy operators is what makes this website remarkable. If you want to enjoy playing and betting on one of the best online casinos, we highly recommend you to take a look at WildCasino, but before that, do not forget to check out playnowpro.com for the newest updates about casino world.