LONDON DOWN New EP ‘Dreamcrusher’

London Down does indie rock right with the intense trip of “Dreamcrusher”. With clear hints of the Brian Jonestown Massacre’s unique style thrown in, theirs has a soulful disposition behind it. Every little detail matters for they make sure to push everything forward in a truly physical fashion. Done with dignity their ear for melody helps to guide the songs along. Clever wordplay and thoughtful lyricism adorn much of the experience. Songs play off the last making sure that the entirety of the piece comes together as a fully realized coherent whole. Volume is truly a must as theirs is an intensely passionate sound.

“Budokan” blasts off with bright bursts of energy. Rhythm works double time for the bass underpins the entirety of the track helping to make it something truly gorgeous. Everything here has a carefree attitude to it. Things gain a reflective stance over “Thrift Store Maharishi” featuring some rather exquisite guitar work tying the entirety of the work together in a way that feels outright heavenly. Going hard “The Gift” incorporates rage and distortion in a fully realized way. By far the highlight of the mix nothing is held back for the song’s animalistic impulses are a pure delight to behold. With the finale and title track “Dreamcrusher” brings things to a close on a tender note, for the song has a quiet celebratory spirit that powers it.

“Dreamcrusher” features the undeniable chops of London Down in crafting a wild and tumultuous ride.