Almighty KKD is making an impact in the music industry!

Being surrounded by music his entire life, it’s no surprise that Almighty KKD is destined for greatness.

With the trials and tribulations of life, music became an outlet to escape reality for a while. When asked about the type of music he creates, Almighty KKD said, “I would describe the music that I create as vibes. I don’t like being stuck to just one genre of music, I definitely go by how I’m feeling. Some days I’ll be in the studio just making straight r&b tracks, others days it will be some trap or drill, or if I’m really feeling good it will be some afrobeats.”

Being a successful artist in the industry, Almighty KKD emphasized that having a strong mentality and never giving up is key to longevity in the game. Taking your passion and molding it into a blueprint for success helps make your delivery even more impactful.

Almighty KKD’s first made his debut at a showcase in Ottawa, Ontario Canada and has since then become a natural superstar. He states, “The best advice that I was ever given was to always have back up plans. Of course you always want to make sure what your investing money and your plans too will help you become successful but you always gotta plan for the what if’s. It might take a year for some people to blow off music others it might be 6 years but always prepare for the what if’s.”

Now, Almighty KKD is focused on getting as much recognition as possible with his brand, Almighty Records and scaling it to its maximum potential. There is a lot more to expect from him in the coming months! Be sure to stay updated by following him on social media via Instagram.