@skopemag news – sunday – october 10, 2021 @ 5 pm est

@skopemag news – sunday – october 10, 2021 @ 5 pm est

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Ready for broadcast… Wall Street Blues from rock / blues pioneer Sebastian Michaels

Rock ‘n’ roll is back! Sebastian Michaels returns to the heyday of classic rock and hard-driving blues. Raised on AC/DC and Def Leppard, BB King and Creedence Clearwater Revival, Sebastian’s musical instinct is to always take the groove back to basics.

Album: Deep Jackson – Nice Guys Finish Last

West Virginia rapper Deep Jackson releases his eighth project “Nice Guys Finish Last” along with visuals for the single “Headstrong”.

“Nice Guys Finish Last simply means to me that you have to be aggressive about what you want in this life.”

MA’s Black Dollar Highlights Their Community With New Video “Soul Intact” FT. Cyrus DeShield

Black Dollar is a new Hip Hop project featuring Boston’s own Daniel Laurent and Rocklyn. With hard hitting beats and soulful melodies, the pair trade their perspectives of fatherhood, relationships, neighborhood obstacles, overcoming adversities, and intentional messaging of collective economics within the Black community.

BAD RESCUE Release Debut Single “Battering Rain”

BAD RESCUE is thrilled to announce their debut track “Battering Rain”. The first of many to come, “Battering Rain” is a preview of something new on the horizon for the music world.

RAIBARD Release New Music Video for “Forest of Song”

RAIBARD has released a music video along with a re-mix of their dynamic, progressive rock song “Forest of Song” off of their album, The Queen of the Night (2017). The 10-minute journey shows off the band’s exceptional musicianship and focuses “on the inner hidden dimension which holds all song and music. The universal mind of music.”

KESEM Release Video For “The Tyrant”

Psychedelic/Stoner rockers KESEM have revealed a trippy new video for their song “The Tyrant”. The track is taken from their recently released album Post-Terra.

The band commented “The Tyrant is a song about a Dictator who finds himself Exiled in space after destroying his planet due to his own recklessness. He takes no responsibility for his actions nor has learned anything from them but that does not quench his thirst for Conquest.”


BELUSHI SPEED BALL have released a video for their track “We’re Not Thrashers, We’re Hipster Posers”. The song is from Stella 1 and Stella 2 which was released in January.

The band commented “Gatekeeping invariably exists within every music scene, and the less a band fits the scene’s unspoken criteria, the more closed doors it encounters. The music video then pokes fun at what it often takes to open a door – at a choice that many bands make to achieve some perceived level of success. Specifically, Belushi Speed Ball endures a pact that sacrifices their identity in exchange for an ambiguous promise of popularity, a deal that is not made with the Devil, but rather with a collective of homogenized copycats.”


EMBER SUN Release New Single

EMBER SUN are streaming the first single from their upcoming album, On Earth And Heaven, now via Doomed and Stoned.

The band comments:

” ‘Ember Heart Of Me’ is our inner consciousness that never fades, never goes away; even if the fire can’t be seen, it still burns. This track was challenging to record with 3 different types of vocals to mix and layer one over the other.

The 1st voice represents our living body.

The 2nd voice represents our fear.

The 3rd voice represents our subconsciousness.

Together, these 3 voices embody our selves. These 3 voices exist within you, within me, within everyone.”

Black Donut Records Sign BOVINE NIGHTMARES

Black Donut Records is pleased to announce that they have signed avant-garde trio BOVINE NIGHTMARES. The self-titled debut album is set to be released next year on CD, vinyl and digital formats. The band recently contributed a track to World Without End, An Underground Tribute To Samhain and will also be featured on the upcoming MELVINS tribute A Future of Bad Men, both of which are on Black Donut Records.

The band’s warped vision of dark riffs, maniacal crooning and growling, and time signature mayhem have carved out a unique sound that’s akin to a melding of THE MELVINS, FAITH NO MORE, and TOM WAITS. They’ve been blending experimental and familiar soundscapes and rejecting the boredom of formula and compromise since 2019.