New Video By Cory M Coons “Freedom Road”

Cory M Coons sings of faith with a touch of Americana on the soulful steady rhythms of “Freedom Road”. The exploration of patriotism through a religious lens helps to truly capture the spirit of the vast land. Geography is implied here, from the gentle gait of the drums to his voice’s reassuring croon. Layers are brought into the fray and the way they interact shows off the group’s clever interplay. Best of all are the lyrics which anchor the entirety of the track. Every word is chosen with such care for this is a deliberate precise approach, one that features an intelligent reflection on what it means to truly believe, and how religion and patriotism require faith in something bigger than one person.

The hook is set right from the beginning. Evolution of the sound revels in its gargantuan size. Plodding on slowly, the way it moves on through lends it a gracefulness. Piano work feels fragile doing a wonderful job in emphasizing the power of his storytelling. Slowly yet surely the rest of the sound builds and grows. By allowing every single element to seemingly waft on up into the air there is a true sense of space. Guitars have that quintessential western twang about them, for they glide on by thanks to the sheer and persistence of his kindhearted vocals.

“Freedom Road” proves Cory M Coons to be a truly masterful narrator one who can carefully explore the meaning of the world.