New Single By Ed Roman “Happiness”

A passionate, playful piece Ed Roman brings bursts of color into the neon-hued gorgeousness of “Happiness”. The careful mixture of pop, electro, and country into a satisfying whole feels magnificent. Everything here pops from the drums to the joyous melody. By far though the greatest amount of unbridled joy emerges with his distinct, compassionate lyrics. He sings with so much love for the world that it is hard to avoid smiling for the entire thing has that nice, reassuring presence about it. When all of this is coupled with an insistent hook that can’t be beat there is a bliss to be found within it.

From the first moment there is a casualness to the piece that feels refreshing. That synthesizer feels wonderful. His neat delivery brings together elements of pop, country, even hip-hop a little bit while refusing to settle into a single style. By allowing all these many different pieces into the fray, the many layers intersect to deliver something straight from the soul. All of it has a sense of peace and ease that comes to define the work. With the song’s evolution it becomes a true force of nature, something a bit stunning. On this track the ebb and flow of the energy adds to the sense of comfort that it easily radiates within the entirety of the work.

“Happiness” explores a childlike sense of wonder proving Ed Roman to be an expert at capturing a glowing optimistic world.