‘Butter On Hot Toast’ Cross-Channel Music’s New Single

Hot on the heels of their previous single, ‘Bygone Days,’ Cross-Channel Music presents ‘Butter On Hot Toast.’ Their new album is due out for release later this year, but this single is just the thing fans need to hold them over until the release.

‘Butter On Hot Toast’ has a fun, rockabilly sound and feels like it was ripped straight out of the ’60s playbook. It is a fun track and has a great groove to it. Pierre’s vocals are thrilling. It is an energetic track that has a chill ending that is unexpected, but very appropriately placed. The vocals and instrumentals have a definite confidence and attitude that is contagious. It sounds completely different from their last single and is further evidence of Cross-Channel Music’s versatility. It is this dedication to variety that makes Cross-Channel Music such an exciting band to follow and be a fan of.

The clock is ticking and Cross-Channel Music’s new album, ‘Man In A Dream,’ is almost here. Each single that has been released ahead of this project is getting me more and more excited for the full album. This upward trajectory practically guarantees that this will be an incredible listening experience and well worth the wait.

STREAM: https://open.spotify.com/track/5b2rzIUdXN9KJUChW3aE5x