@skopemag news – friday – september 17, 2021 @ 12 pm est

@skopemag news – friday – september 17, 2021 @ 12 pm est

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Venture Bros. Creator Doc Hammer & Frontwoman Ivy Jaff Launch Pageant Girls

With a driving bass line and guitars that romance the room, Ivy explains that “Fair Game” is “a bittersweet song for the ages about how love just isn’t enough.”

Ivy continues, “When I was a kid, I hated The Smashing Pumpkins because everyone liked them and I wanted to be a contrarian. Then, I grew up and realized they were actually good. Yeah, ‘Fair Game’ sounds like that.”

MIYAVI Transcends Reality in New Album “Imaginary”

MIYAVI explores a new realm in “Imaginary” with his unmistakable guitar sound that has helped him forge that cross-genre chemistry throughout his career. This new album combines modern pop subtleties and contemporary rock to show off his style, range, and unparalleled guitar skills. There is also a wide range of covers and collaborative tracks in the album, such as “New Gravity” and the title track “Imaginary” with two-time Grammy-winning pop singer Kimbra along with a derivative cover of POD’s “Youth of a Nation” featuring rock singer Troi Irons and a sensational cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” A memorable collaboration in the album lies with K-pop sensation Kang Daniel. Together they make an iconic duo and complement each other perfectly on the catchy single “Hush Hush.”

grentperez is here to make your day with new video ‘Cherry Wine’

Today grentperez shares the accompanying visualizer for his gorgeous new single ‘Cherry Wine’. Intricate and timeless, Cherry Wine is a warm, sweet dose of bedroom pop that will leave you wanting more.

Skope Mag | Greer new EP announcement + video

Greer have announced their brand new Happy People EP due out November 5 on Epitaph Records. Produced by John Congelton (Wallows, St. Vincent, Angel Olsen), the 4-track collection is packed with infectious riffs and an air-tight songwriting sensibility that suggests a band well beyond their years while also possessing an unmistakable youthful exuberance. Alongside the announcement, the band have unleashed the lead single and infectious album title track “Happy People” alongside a colorful video.

Virginia Groove Rockers ARTUSHA Return with New Vocalist and Single, “Death to Life”

“This song represents the struggles we face and the choice we have to fight against the darkest days and moments of life,” says guitarist David Landers. “Mentally, physically and spiritually, you have a voice and a choice. Choose life over death and turn the soundtrack up.”

Exclusive Premiere: ARTUSHA’s New Single and Official Lyric Video “Death to Life”


HotKid’s melodic indie rock track “Letter”

Sometimes you get to that point where you can’t pretend everything is fine, but art is there to provide a place for those feelings to live. It gives you the potential to connect and realize that you’re not the only one feeling this way.

Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer – Astrid Swan sends lullaby to her daughter

Astrid Swan announces her upcoming album “D/other” with new single “Luxuries.” “Luxuries” celebrates mundane things as the luxuries of life. In the face of her personal experience with metastatic cancer and the shared uncertainty with the on-going global pandemic, Swan sings that to be able to mourn is both a necessity and a luxury only afforded by time. The song articulates a message of hope and living life to the full despite difficult circumstances: to be hurt is to be human, to grieve is to heal.


Josh Taylor from half•alive says, “as always, there’s so many stories that went into the making of this song. writing, production, etc. but there was one moment of clarity in the writing process one night that felt like the crux to unlock this very personal story of mine which became Make of It. that moment happened when our producer Mark (of OJIVOLTA) stared at me during one of our writing sessions & abruptly asked “do you ever get mad? if so, would a half•alive fan who doesn’t speak english be able to tell if you were just from your tone? “. after thinking about the question for awhile, i came to realize that there was a anger-sized hole missing in our songs. there were stories that i was restricting myself from writing because i wanted them to be perfectly processed, with happy endings to tie everything together. but sometimes the unprocessed, unhindered emotion is what the song needs. when that was realized, i turned on my mental faucet of unfiltered anger, 45 minutes later, the song was done.”

Yam Haus Release New Single “Give Me The Keys”

Indie-pop foursome Yam Haus, who are currently supporting Blue October’s 40+ city tour, have released the neon-hued, dance floor single “Give Me The Keys.” The track captures the sparkling combination of glitter-polished pop sounds and the endearing Midwest charm that helped the band build a solid and devoted following –


MAGEIA, the brainchild of singer/Songwriter Liza Kay, has released a video for the track “The Rose”. The song is taken from the band’s self-titled album, which was recently released via Lion Records and features renowned guitarist Milan Polak (FALCO, BUMBLEFOOT) and drummer Jeff Neal (BOSTON).

Liza commented that the song “is meant to complete the spiritual journey of the debut album and to set the mood for a new chapter. It tells of the intense process of letting go and the strength that can be ignited along the way.”

Seattle Instru-Shred Band Spacebag: New EP, ‘Party Prog Nights’, Streaming in Full

Spacebag is an instrumental “party prog metal” band whose uber-entertaining sound is at once an ode to the jazz fusion masters of the 70’s, the metal and thrash pioneers of the 80’s, and the hardcore hessians of the 90’s. Formed in Seattle in 2011, Spacebag boasts an impressive lineup of musicians including guitarist Dave Webb (Girth, Moon Letters), keyboardist Luke Laplante (Sean, Eye of Nix), and Andrew Gormley (Rorschach, Kiss It Goodbye, Playing Enemy) on drums. Spacebag will release the new EP, ‘Party Prog Nights’, on September 17 via Unknown Controller Records; the EP was produced by Spacebag and mastered by Colin Marston (Gorguts, Krallice, Dysrhythmia) at Menegroth The Thousand Caves in NYC.

Hear Spacebag’s new prog-punk EP Party Prog Nights

Percussionist Gabriele Poso Takes A Deeper Vibe On New Single

“Infinito … infinito,” Gabriele Poso whispers over a syncopated conga rhythm in the opening of the Italian multi-instrumentalist’s second single, “Futurista.” A reference to his upcoming album, “Tamburo Infinito” (Italian for “infinite,” or “endless drum”), the word is an apt descriptor for the song – and indeed the album as a whole – as the drum rhythms grow ever more complex, held down with a four-to-the-floor kick, and adventurous bass line. Vocal samples are flung about, whirring through different effects, while Gabriele doubles a steel drum-like synth pad; towards the end of the track, the kick and bass drop out, to reveal a swelling synth chord, like the first vestiges of a sunrise after a late-night dance deep in the jungle.

Midnight Guest tunes heavy rock with a modern look in new EP

As a bridge between the present and the past, Midnight Guest tunes 1970s heavy rock and occult rock with a modern look on their debut EP. The project created in 2020 by guitarist Daniel Stunges joins the vocals of Kjetil Landsgard, straight from Canada, and musicians Tadeu Correa on drums and Eduardo Oliveira on bass. The album hits streaming platforms accompanied by the video for the track “Hellfire (Do What Thou Wilt)”.

The Brandy Alexanders’ debut single “Ceiling Fan, Man”

Psychedelic rock band, The Brandy Alexanders, take you to a parallel universe. Introspective, and almost existential lyrics are expressed via dream-like vocals that weave themselves into a wall of propulsive guitar riffs, textured synths and a bold rhythm section. What started off as an EP, has grown into a 9 track album due December 10th, via Gypsy Soul Records. The eponymous debut will take you on the spacewalk you have been saving up for since 1977.

Drummer Mark Murdock To Release New Prog Album “Visitors From Another Planet” Featuring Members of Atomic Rooster, Nektar & Others!

Mark Murdock’s new prog release “Visitors From Another Planet” featuring a cast of visiting prog earthlings like drummer Ric Parnell of Atomic Rooster/Spinal Tap, drummer Ron Howden, bassist Derek ‘Mo’ Moore, both from the band Nektar, also drummer Alan Childs of David Bowie, guitarist Fernando Perdomo, guitarist Katsumi Yoneda of French TV, guitarist Joe Berger, vocalist Tim Pepper of TheId and more…

Alternative Duo FOREIGN AIR Share Donnie Darko Inspired Track & Video     

Enigmatic electro-indie/alternative duo Foreign Air share their glitchy new track “Anything’s Possible” that is set to a slinky haunting beat. The clip, inspired by the cult classic film Donnie Darko, throws the viewer into a trippy sun-drenched alternate reality complete with dancing pink rabbits.

Mold Delivers Hotly Anticipated Debut LP NO SILENCE!

Miami-based psych-rock collective MOLD! celebrates the digital release of their debut full-length effort NO SILENCE!. The album is a garage-rock infused musical culmination of their emotional and spiritual journey since leaving their home in Lima, Peru back in 2017 to head Stateside. The album reflects the technical maturation of the band over the last few years, as well as the existentialism that arises from leaving everything behind to start anew.


Old school rockers OLD MAN WIZARD have released their song “I Wanna Know” via The Ripple Effect. The song is taken from their upcoming album Kill Your Servants which will be released on November 5 2021.

Frontman Francis Roberts commented “This is probably one of the weirder OLD MAN WIZARD songs, not because it’s especially weird as a song, but because it doesn’t really sound like OLD MAN WIZARD to my ear. This song was really heavily inspired by a few Japanese and South Korean pop groups, garage rock, and recognizing that the result of that inevitably sounds a bit like pop punk, so intentionally avoiding pop punk style drums or vocals. I think the result sounds like a low budget demo of THE STROKES covering a TWICE song. I think the lyrics are pretty straightforward; The song is about hypocrisy, abuse of power, and conflation of morality and religious belief. This is probably the last thing anyone expected us to release, but I hope you like it anyway! ”



Singer, songwriter, and Immersive/Geffen Records artist LILHUDDY (aka Chase Hudson) releases his highly-anticipated debut album Teenage Heartbreak. The album includes previously released singles “21st Century Vampire,” “The Eulogy Of You and Me,” “America’s Sweetheart,” and “Don’t Freak Out” featuring iann dior, All-American Rejects’ front man Tyson Ritter and Travis Barker, as well as eight more brand-new tracks. Teenage Heartbreak is full of power punk anthems and is a culmination of LILHUDDY’s signature style cultivated by the raw and restless angst of post-internet era adolescence. The album is available now at all digital retail providers via Immersive/Geffen Records.


Today, rising Atlanta rap star Loui releases his affectionate anthem “Don’t Play” on Warner Records. The 20-year-old is known for his many dance-centric hits, but this new track is more in line with the vulnerable and gripping love songs he’s penned since the beginning of his budding career. With an assist from Baltimore rap’s foremost romantic, Shordie Shordie, Loui delivers a single for inseparable couples, those whose love and passion outweigh any disagreements.


“Replica” was produced by Grammy nominated and multi-platinum Dominican producer Chael Produciendo who also produced El Alfa’s biggest global smash to date “La Mamá de la Mamá featuring CJ which has over +150 million streams across DSPs and +95 million YouTube views. The visuals show the dynamic duo keeping their eyes out for attractive females whether their bodies are natural or have undergone surgical enhancements. Championing body positivity CJ raps, “I know that it’s fake but it’s still gonna shake.” It’s the kind of hilarious visual you can only get from a duo with such a deep connection and natural chemistry.

High Octane Parisian Garage Rock Iron Lizards’ Debut Album “Hungry for Action” Out Now

Parisian power-trio Iron Lizards launch their debut full length album “Hungry for Action”. 12 furious cuts of high energy garage rock straight from the alternative 90s. Raw production and hefty shouts for vocals. Punchy drums and fuzz-fueled guitars. Gritty and gutsy, “Hungry for Action” is dirty rock n roll, boiled down into its true essence.

G-Eazy Teams up with Demi Lovato on “Breakdown” – Video Out Now

Multi-platinum selling superstar G-Eazy releases his much-buzzed-about new single “Breakdown” featuring GRAMMY-nominated singer Demi Lovato.

Second Sun launch 17 minute rock-epic “Råtthamn”

Swedish rock band Second Sun release the track “Råtthamn”, the first new music from the band since their 2020 album “Kampen Går Vidare”, and the first release featuring the band’s new drummer Stipen (Dia Psalma, Merciless och Strebers). On the new track, Second Sun mixes melodies inspired by Swedish folk music with classic, timeless rock into what probably is their most monumental creation till this day. “Råtthamn” is an almost 17 minute long rock-epic with Swedish lyrics, on which the main character turns from alienated and envious human into a rat, finding a community amongst the grey and tail-wearing mass.


Directed by Callum Pearson, the ‘Hangman’ video sees Tia take charge as the host of a Hangman Gameshow with cameos by Toddla T, Avelino and Tyrone who play contestants. With UK DJ and producer Toddla T’s signature bouncy and infectious production, Hangman highlights Carys’ refreshing aura and talent with an incredibly catchy hook, expeditiously delivered bars and lyrics that evidence her incredible rise as a rap artist. The new single follows Tia’s incredible Refugee freestyle and an energetic debut festival performance on the BBC 1Xtra Stage at this year’s Reading and Leeds Festival.