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GAMECUBE was supported in 2014 by an adult male. Jiang Ganyuan, WHO was the primary NR holder of Speed Cubing in China. The company’s business increased by development, marketing, design, producing, and concerning all types of cubes. The corporate holds several patents and techniques on speed cubes. Since we tend to ar already in a very speedcubing era. Because the World-Famous speed cube complete, GANCUBE, with breakthrough innovative styles, together with sensible cubes, Magnetic cubes, Light-Weighted, tortuous puzzles, cube roots, and alternative merchandise. GAMECUBE has lots of alternative cube masters; besides that, GANCUBE sponsored China’s tenth-day Championship 2017, Paris World Rubik’s Cube Championship 2017, 2018 Red Bull world championship, and alternative major competitions, GANCUBE is committed to promoting the world influence of speed cube sports.

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The gancube make with quality and encompasses a high gloss end. It will not rust, or corrosion and can last for years to come back in a very style of colors. Also, sizes to fit your style and style. It’s a good gift for anyone, Who likes to have a lot of compliments.5.0 out of five stars This GAN cube is extremely stable and swish.

GANCUBE PROS: This GAN cube is extremely stable and swish. Even while not magnets, this is often an excellent cube for beginners and intermediate cubers. Overall, this cube is nice, and that I would positively advocate shopping for it. Magnets provide a slight click at the top of each flip, creating the cube additional stable and creating it overshoot less. Also, it suggests that you’ll be able to have the cube at looser tensions therefore corner-cutting is higher. The GAN 249 v2 is that the new and improved version of the GAN 249. It options a brighter sticker-less color scheme, primary plastic internals, a honeycomb style on the corner contact points, associated an overall sander feel.

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Through the deep analysis of the hardware and package, we tend to engineer a very new world online cubing platform. Within the future, we’ll still develop a lot of intelligent connected product, to assist cubes showing intelligence master cubing by “Intelligent” ways that.