Trickshooter Social Club Present New EP ‘Monte Carlo’

Trickshooter goes hard into a gritty, raw garage rock on the rambunctious “Monte Carlo”. Volume is a given for they blast their way through the whole of it with nary a care. Full of an intense urgency they bring elements of country rock, the blues, and lo-fi into the mix helping to give it a live sound to it. Best of all are the commanding vocals that absolutely rise above the rest of the din in such a joyous way. Instrumentally dense they opt for a maximal style for the entirety of the experience washes over the listener like a vast wake.


On “Honey I Believe” they set the tone for what follow, featuring unhinged guitar work and a rhythm that simply does not quit. They double down on it all with an approach that stuns. Quiet but with a fantastic enthralling buildup is “Don’t Settle Me Down” where they hold nothing back, as the strings add to the rich tapestry of the work. Neat and tidy, they let their freak flag fly here too with a bit of psychedelic rock to close it out. By far the highlight comes the unhinged atmosphere of “Duck And Run” where they fully and completely embrace chaos. For the closer “We’re All Forgiven” they bring a nice element of synth pop and noise into the proceedings with a distinct western twang.

“Monte Carlo” possesses an unruly soul, one that shows off the Trickshooter Social Club’s intense, animalistic fury.