Using a VPN To Support Your SEO Strategy

The SEO industry has witnessed rapid growth, and by 2020, it hit 79 billion dollars, but how a VPN service can benefit your SEO strategy? Virtual private networks were initially designed to serve corporations with sensitive and huge bulks of data to allow employees to access the company’s data from anywhere and without risking the data’s security.

Besides being a very effective and reliable technology to anonymously surf the web and unblock geo-blocked content from any region, they can also contribute to steering your SEO strategy towards better results. Let’s tell you how.

VPN Services for a Better SEO Strategy

VPNs have witnessed a noticeable increase in the past few years, and according to, 28% of the internet users around the globe have accessed the internet using a VPN in the first quarter of 201

But that’s not all. VPN services have different uses than those they have when first brought to the market. For example, supporting your SEO strategy is one of the most recent uses of a VPN service. So let’s find out how:

Target audience in a certain region: For many SEO experts, a VPN service allows getting familiar with the search engine results in a region that they don’t live in and targeting its audience by testing the keywords and setting up an SEO strategy and targeted ads to that specific region.

Disguise from competitors: a VPN service can disguise your IP address if you want to look at your competitors’ SEO strategies and websites, so with a VPN, they won’t be able to track your IP address or real location. You can also keep your SEO strategy hidden from your competitors if they try to visit your website.

Keep it all secure while working remotely: Using a VPN has become crucial with the constantly increasing cyber threats due to the current health situation, which puts their clients’ data at risk. With a VPN, they can rest assured that all the data traffic is encrypted and kept safe.

Go around the geo-blocked content: If your SEO strategy requires visiting certain geo-restricted websites, you can use a VPN service to unblock any content over the internet and get full access to whatever benefits your SEO and enhances its performance.

Using a VPN to Support Your SEO Strategy

Avoid Google’s reCAPTCHAs: As an SEO expert, you’ll need to keep searching for new keywords over the internet; too many searches can lead to Google flagging your website. In a different scenario, your website might show an error message that unusual traffic is associated with your network. But with a VPN, you can keep changing your IP address which will save you a lot of headaches. Also, check if a VPN legality in your region.

Initially, VPN services were designed to allow employees to access their company’s data privately. However, their uses have changed over the past few years. Supporting your SEO strategy is just one of many industries that have taken advantage of VPN anonymity and the ability to maintain a secure connection to the internet.