Is Using a Young Sex Doll Morally Wrong?

There isn’t anything weird about owning a young sex doll, let’s get that over with. No, it’s not morally wrong! No, it’s not immoral as such, and if someone tells you that, well you definitely need to cut that person off, if not anything else. Having sexual feelings is quite normal to human biology and not every time you have a person to share those feelings with. Well, that’s where the young sex doll industry comes in and it’s quite booming really!

What is a Sex Doll?

Sex dolls can be defined as objects that are human-like in their anatomy. They can be made of numerous materials including silicone, plush, rubber, and thermoplastic elastomer. Depending upon the budget, they come in a full-body form as well as those that just have a torso and they also differ in prices. Often, a young sex doll comes with at least one penetrable space that can be inserted by the user.

A Close Look At a Research

Research conducted by NCBI states, “In 2050, it will be perfectly normal for women and men to experience love and sex with robots. This bold prediction came from roboticist David Levy. Futurologist Ian Pearson [2] went further by predicting that by 2050, women and men will have more sex with robots than with their conspecifics. One may question the validity of these predictions, but there is no doubt that technological change affecting all areas of life will not leave human sexualities unaffected. Significant changes in sexual behavior because of digital media and technologies are already well established [3,4]. Embodied technologies such as sex dolls and sex robots should not be overlooked in this context, especially as the popularization of the sexual uses of human-like material artifacts has long since begun.”

What Do Therapists Believe?

Some therapists believe that sex dolls are quite natural and can also prove to be therapeutic. In the same research, “Some therapists, based on first case studies, explain how living with a love doll (as doll owners often prefer to call them) can be a helpful and healing transitional process after traumatic experiences, especially when accompanied by professional therapeutic care.”

Where Can You Buy a Sex Doll?

Depending upon where you live, you can buy sex dolls through numerous channels. We have listed out some of them below:

Some Websites to Remember

As per our research, these are some websites that you can visit if you are looking to buy a sex doll:

Amazon and eBay

Such eCommerce and online retail giants like Amazon and eBay too have a dedicated section where you can buy and make a purchase if you are looking for a young sex doll.

Social Media Handles

There are several social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook that have many handles selling young sex dolls. Often people use these to make a purchase which they have no complaints about. If you are looking to purchase a young sex doll, you can try this option as well.

Remember, in the end, it all comes down to your consicence. If your conscience is clear, that’s what matters. Keep a note that there is nothing immoral in purchasing and using a sex doll.