Tips for Creating an Engaging Step and Repeat Banner to Promote Your Business at Events

A logo-emblazoned banner or media wall is best for adding a hip factor to events and helps to give an impression to everyone that you are representing a legitimate organization. If you have installed a media wall at your event, your shindig would be officially upscale and chic and worthy of selfies for your Instagram account. As an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to focus on boosting your brand exposure and generating brand awareness to a much broader audience. If people have no clue about who you are, it is natural for them to avoid purchasing your products. 

An effective way of creating and building brand awareness is by using a media wall or a step and repeat banner. A media wall will be flaunting your company’s logo and reminding everybody subtly about your presence. A media wall is used mostly at events like trade shows, conferences, and even weddings. Collapsible step & repeat banners are quite simple and easy to install, and lets you flaunt multiple banners throughout the specific location. Generally, the graphics on the media wall tend to incorporate the logo of an organization hosting an event or they have a logo of companies that are sponsoring it.

Since people enjoy sharing photos of themselves at important events on Instagram, Facebook, or other social media profiles, a media wall or step & repeat banners could be considered to be long-term advertising and promotion choices. When attendees share pictures of themselves with your backdrop, it helps to promote your logo as well as your sponsors. Moreover, at no additional expenses, your S&R banner will keep delivering value and boosting brand awareness long after the event is over.

Expert Tips to Design and Create Mind-Blowing Step & Repeat Banner

Avoid Glossy & Opt for Matte 

According to an advertising guru at Small Business Chron., the chief goal of advertising is letting the world know that you are offering something exciting. Step & repeat banners go a long way in boosting your brand exposure. You must create a banner that comes in the perfect fabric for ensuring that your pictures do not have glare. Hence, it is best to stick to matt fabrics and avoid a glossy finish.

Choose a Simple Design 

Unless more pictures are required relating to a specific event, it is best to stick to a simple design. You may consider opting for a repeat of the logo of your brand for maximum impact.

Be Careful about Choosing the Right Logo Size

The objective is to use the perfect logo size. Your brand logo should be big enough to surround the individual being photographed. You may opt for a smaller logo size if you are thinking in terms of photographing one individual at a time. For bigger group pictures, it is vital to use a bigger logo since the picture will be clicked from further away.


A media wall provides excellent ROIs. Step & repeat banners are best for charity events co-sponsored by you, conferences, tradeshows, grand openings, provided there are some camera-friendly and happy people around.