Bemendé: An Artist With Incredible Promise

Up and coming R&B artist, Bemendé, has just dropped a stellar new project titled ‘FTSH.’ It is filled to the tipping point with scorching slow jams and torchy mood music. Inspired by her tumultuous experiences with different men throughout her life, Bemendé’s latest effort plays like a journal set to music. Her ability to fuse the aura of her stories with the mood of the music is truly impressive.

The EP opens with one of the highlights titled ‘Flights and Feelings.’ The beat and bass pulsate while Bemendé skates onto the beat with her signature husky tone. She begins with a bit of vocal improvisations before transitioning into her lyrics. She laments over a man that has seemingly slipped through her fingers, but who still has a hold on her. It is about that feeling of still craving someone when you still aren’t sure you know what they are about. This narrative is accompanied by a perfectly dark and steady track that allows her vocals to shine bright.

This is just one of the four incredible tracks that comprise this EP. Each track has its own personality and feeling which left me satisfied with the project as a whole. Bemendé is an artist with incredible promise, and she is already delivering on that promise with this collection of songs.

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