Electric Peace Release Perfectly Chaotic EP ‘Hate Is A Special Feeling’

Electric Peace is proving they are a force to be reckoned with. Their latest EP ‘Hate Is A Special Feeling’ is an explosion of energy and is an effortless evolution for the group as they hone in on a specific sound we saw in their debut ‘Kill For Your Love’. Whilst the group aren’t fussed about how they came to be; seriously – their bio states “just listen to music!” three times – it’s clear from this expertly crafted EP that it’s some serious skills we’re dealing with here. 

‘Hate Is A Special Feeling’ as an album is, quite frankly, an explosion of energetic airwaves. Electric Peace holds nothing back, and perhaps that is why it’s such an addictive collection of tunes. The title track kickstarts the album at full throttle. The track is rich with guitars solos that soar through the speakers, impeccably intense drum fills and a bassline that bounces below. The vocal melody is completely catchy and boasts the fun-loving nature of Electric Peace. I’m looking forward to the luxury of seeing these guys live and chanting along with them. Refusing to take their foot off the gas, Electric Peace then give us ‘Stay Up All Night’. This second song offers more up vocally, with Brain Kild’s vibrant vocal lines dominating the sonic landscape. He performs with utter confidence, commanding the rich accompaniment below with each little inflexion. Honey Davis’ guitar solos take centre stage too, flowing with a grunge-like force that propels this track to new heights. ‘Crankin Into Oblivion’ keeps up the pace, but moves Electric Peace into the rockier realms. Rick Winward’s dynamically versatile drum lines are transcendent, effortlessly moulding with the instrumentation. He seamlessly blends and builds each new section with real intricacy, fusing them and forming a formidable foundation for this track. ‘Plymouth Roadrunner’ concludes this sensational EP with all the electrifying energy you can expect after the first four tracks — of course, Electric Peace was always going to end with a bang. Fast-paced riffs run riot throughout, intertwining with Jim Hawkinson’s intensely impressive keyboard skills throughout the solo. Brian Kild’s vocal lines are, again, both commanding and captivating as the insanely stacked sonic landscape goes wild below. The energy in this track is seriously chaotic but in the best possible way. In fact, that might just go for the whole album. Whilst hate may be a special feeling for Electric Peace, I’ve got nothing but love for this electrifying EP. 

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By Sasha Lauryn