Carla Marie McKrell & Joe Vulpis Remind Us ‘Now’s The Time’ To Help Out

With the current climate being the testing waters that it is, it’s high time we had a reminder to spread some love and lend a hand. Well, Carla Marie McKrell and Joe Vulpis have penned the powerful hit ‘Now’s The Time’ with exactly that at its heart. Whilst Carla Maria McKrell’s passion pours out in piano, Joe Vulpis’ has worked with some of the pretty huge names in the realms of his production. I’m serious, he’s even worked with Lady Gaga at the beginning of her ascent. Together, these two captivating composers have united their extensive experience to craft a timeless classic rooted in optimism, empowerment and unwavering love. 

‘Now’s The Time’ is a captivating call to arms to help those around us. It’s widely understood that the best way to spread a momentous message is through song and Carla and Joe have done exactly that in this sensational single. ‘Now’s The Time’ boasts the most beautiful backing I’ve had to the luxury of listening to in a while. The instrumentation is swimming in gentle string lines that sway with the sentiment of the song. Joe Vulpis’ vibrant vocals propel this track to new heights as his raw tone sails over the soft soundscape below. He effortlessly toes the line between intimate and commanding and it’s in those most intimate moments that the meaning behind this track really hits home. Quite frankly, it’s captivating. Subtle synth lines punctuate these most poignant moments and bring a whole new dimension to the track. Carla Marie McKrell’s backing vocals lend a luscious element to ‘Now’s The Time’. Fusing with Joe Vulpis’ vibrant tone, Carla Marie’s falsetto is a fundamental force in the warm atmosphere that these musical magicians have created. The spoken word passage is a genre-bending breakdown that breaths new life into the gentle fade out of ‘Now’s The Time’. Joe Vulpis’ boasts some pretty impressive performance prowess. His tone is captivatingly comforting as he speaks some serious truth. At the core of ‘Now’s The Time’ is overwhelming optimism; an optimism that is needed now more than ever. Perhaps Carla and Joe’s composition can be the uplifting anthem we’re all craving. After all, if now isn’t the time to spread some love, then when is? 

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By Sasha Lauryn