@skopemag news – sunday – august 8, 2021 @ 12 pm est

@skopemag news – sunday – august 8, 2021 @ 12 pm est

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Justin Nozuka Shares “Nova” Video Via Flaunt, 2 New Singles “Nova” + “Closer” Singles Out Today Via post 1988/Blackbox

Today, Justin Nozuka shares two brand new singles – the A side “Nova” paired with B side “Closer” via Flaunt. “Nova” is a celebration of Justin’s R&B arrival, punctuating his embrace and incorporation of the contemporary genre into his sound over the last year. On the tracks, Justin says, “With these two I felt the pull to dive into a more contemporary sound. It’s the first time I’ve really gone in this direction… kinda scary but also very liberating. I’m just having fun with these two, exploring new sounds. Have been sitting on the Nova idea for over 2 years, played it for my manager and he was like – THAT – let’s get That.”

Blood of Indigo release new song

Canadian fantasy metal band BLOOD OF INDIGO have released their song “Angelus, the ‘Faceless’ Vampire” on Bandcamp.

Frontman Alex Centorame commented “I wrote the lyrics to this song while I was waiting for the bus and freezing during the brutal Canadian winter. I still remember the frost bite on my fingers while typing the lyrics in my phone with no gloves. That was when I wrote the words, “Winter never ends” and Angelus’ story began to unfold. This song is about a vampire who’s been sentenced to death by execution, under the rule of a merciless king, but when things don’t go according to plan, Angelus takes matters into his own hands. Blood and destruction await the kingdom of Gander.”

GRIDFAILURE And S.C.R.A.M.: New Noise Magazine Premieres New Tracks As Independent Split EP From Two Dark Solo Acts Nears Release Next Week

The GRIDFAILURE material was written, performed, recorded, and mixed by David Brenner at The Compound in Valley Cottage, New York, and the S.C.R.A.M. material written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Pranjal Tiwari at The Sarcophagus in Oakland, California. All tracks were mastered by Dan Emery at Black Matter Mastering in Nashville, Tennessee (Kool Keith, Many Blessings, Thetan), and the cover was created with photography by Tiwari and Brenner, manipulated/designed by Brenner.

Track Premieres: GRIDFAILURE “Systemwide Anomaly” and S.C.R.A.M. “Oxidization Of Zirconium With Steam”

Track Released Today: small dogs’ “miami”

“A few years ago, I spent a minute in Tanzania collaborating with and learning from some Afrobeat and HipHop artists/producers,” Barnett says. “They taught me a bunch of things but I’ve never really known how to organically use those ideas in my more dreamy and atmospheric indie tunes. So, a while ago I was making some music in Miami and I just thought I’d challenge myself and start with some of those ideas and go straight in with a dancey groove and just write around that.”

CONFUSED release “I Want A Beer” video

Crossover thrashers CONFUSED have released a hilarious video for their song “I Want a Beer”. The song is from their upcoming album Riot will be released on August 27th 2021.

Originally formed in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley in 1988 by front man and songwriter Al Del Barrio, the band draw influences from classic acts such as M.O.D., Agnostic Front and D.R.I. Over their career, expanding more than three decades, the outfit have powered through times of difficulty and continue to push themselves further with each release. ‘Riot’ is no different delivering an onslaught of sounds. From the opening track, ‘Chaos’, with a catchy chorus hook through to the overdrive fueled ‘I Love Hardcore’, this album is constantly throwing punches. The intense energy firing out of each track obliterates anything in its path. The aggressive sound delves into the realms of ludicrous thrash tempos and powerful punk angst.

Vancouver based Plain Mister Smith releases “The Rat” ft. Jordan Klassen

Today, Vancouver artist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, musician, etc., Plain Mister Smith makes yet another crash-landing onto this earth. From the inventive mind of Mark Jowett (Moev, Cinderpop,) “The Rat” is the second single from upcoming self-titled EP. Through this elusive, peculiar alter-ego, “The Rat’ is able to tap into the darker side of humanity, exploring emotions of madness, alienation, self deprecation from an out-of-body POV.


Seeking Sirens have released their new single “Splinter” today on all streaming platforms today, alongside a high energy video.

The band comments: “Folks can expect a much more aggressive composition than our recent debut: Heavy, scathing, with some serious groove and a lyrical direction focused on the innate capacity within us all to flourish in spite of struggle and tribulations. We hope listeners enjoy the high energy and dialed up heaviness, and we also hope the lyrical content resonates with those who have had to stand up to their friends in their lifetimes, which can be infinitely harder than standing up to their enemies.”

Lindsay Schoolcraft and Christopher Caouette release new single

Juno nominated singer/songwriter Lindsay Schoolcraft has teamed up with fantasy film score composer Christopher Caouette to release the epic “I May Be One” on Bandcamp.

Lindsay commented “This collaboration, while a new venture, has been such a pleasure to create with Chris. When Chris sent me the first version I knew this song was about hope and finding justice and peace. I then created an Elven Warrior Princess character to write the song around. I truly do believe that one person can make a difference and that’s what I feel this song is about. The final touch of adding guitars and drums really brought this whole track together.”

Farruko Lights Up The Night Sky in Video for “PEPAS,” His New Summer Hit

A versatile vocalist with global appeal, Farruko has a genre-bending hit on his hands with his new song “PEPAS.” Today, the Puerto Rican superstar shares the eye-catching video for “PEPAS,” demonstrating the dance-inducing power that’s propelling the song up the charts. Seamlessly blending sounds from urbano and electronic music, “PEPAS” is a dancefloor-ready epic, complete with monstrous drums, gang vocals, and a thrilling beat drop, in which sirenic synths duel with triumphant trumpets. Directed by Mike Ho, the video for “PEPAS” makes clear that the song is an anthem for wild nights. Farru performs atop a makeshift stage made of shipping containers, presiding over a carnivalesque rave, complete with neon light installations, pyrotechnics, fire dancers, and men dressed in neon suits. The party continues until daybreak, when Farru gathers his crew and heads out into the desert to host an off-road vehicle derby.

RasMoses – “Ises I”

Rebel Sound Records is proud to announce the release of RasMoses’ latest single “Ises I,” available now on all digital platforms. Produced by Yellow Hill Productions, this track is RasMoses’ follow up single to his song “I Shall Not Pass.” “Ises I” features Jahsun Rhymer on drums, Chistina Wells on backup vocals and Harry Mo on live instrumentation.

Gorgon City Stirs Up Fervent Feelings on PAX’s “Cosmic Kiss” With Their Slick House Rework for Factory 93 Records – Aug 6

Just a month after the UK house and techno duo PAX made their debut on Factory with a poignant string-powered melodic number, the release is now getting the remix treatment from one of the most illustrious names in dance music. Gorgon City have been huge proponents of the project, having signed a handful of PAX’s singles to their REALM imprint, as well as roping them in for the progressive-fueled collab “Alive,” which made a lasting impression after landing at the tail-end of 2020. Now, they are injecting the offering with a slick rhythm while keeping the fiery essence intact.

Artist: PAX
Title: Cosmic Kiss (Gorgon City Remix)
Label: Factory 93
Genre: House
Release Date: Aug 6

Artist: Loom Angel – Album: Aetherolea

Loom Angel is an independent artist based in New Mexico that combines Art Rock with Sound Healing; with lyrics that reflect love and happiness. The debut album Lyricals was released in September of 2020 with the help of collaborators. Lyricals set the creative bar. The future is now set on the forthcoming EP record Solunar Akasha set to be recorded next year.

Canadian Stoner/Doom Act Slowpoke Release New “Windtalker” Single!

Canadian Doom/Punk/Psychedelic band Slowpoke release the third single – “Windtalker” from their upcoming self-titled debut album.

Slowpoke adds: “Windtalker is about as pop as we get on this album. The songwriting is a bit closer to a traditional verse-chorus-verse approach which makes it a bit more straightforward than some of our other material. It’s lyrics are derived from a quote by Plato regarding ethics and reputation.”

Jared Rabin’s new ‘Cold Rain and Snow’

The album Cold Rain and Snow is Rabin’s first all-acoustic record and follows 2020’s acclaimed No Direction. The album is a mix of Bluegrass standards and “New Grass” originals and finds Jared playing all of the instruments (save for drums) and handling a majority of the vocals.

Jared Rabin’s debut record Something Left to Say was called “An Americana masterpiece” by American Songwriter Magazine who also said “he’s a remarkable instrumentalist who brings a dynamic and delicate warmth to everything he touches.” Ink19 Magazine said, “His rootsy sound is a perfect blend of beautiful melodies and honest songwriting with a timeless feel.”

GODS OF DECAY New Single/Official Video ‘Suffocate You’

Post-grunge, goth metal group Gods Of Decay have released their first single/official video taken from their forthcoming album Collective Psychosis, due out worldwide via Sliptrick Records later this year.

The song Suffocate You focuses on societal relationships and how society ignores the hardships of an individual while simultaneously trying to suppress (“suffocate”) the willpower of its members.

Artist: Bikini Boscombe Collective – Track: Keep Your Money

After University I struggled to find work. I had tried everything I could to persue a career in my chosen industry but nothing quite worked out. Fast forward 2 years and I am working a dead end job mopping floors for absolute minimum wage and feeling sorry for myself. The opening line of the track: ‘Keep your money, I want my time back’ pretty much sums up my mindset at that point in my life. That opening line started as a note on my phone, but soon became the theme for the track, which with the help of some of my closest friends was turned into something positive. A song that means a lot to me, and a piece of work I am very proud of.