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@skopemag news – tuesday – july 20, 2021 @ 7 pm est

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Insomnium Releases New Single and Video For “The Antagonist”

“When the Corona outbreak forced us to cancel all the tours and shows, we pretty soon adopted a mindset that we better do something and keep ourselves in motion. We wanted to try how the streaming shows might work. We wanted to see what kind of new music might grow in the darkness and misery of the quarantine. And soon these vibes were channeled into songs that came to be the “Argent Moon” EP,” states INSOMNIUM frontman Niilo Sevänen about Argent Moon.

Power-pop supergroup Blunt Bangs (mems. Black Kids, Woods) share new video

“Silence is Golden” is an old song that we wanted to resurrect,” the band’s Christian “Smokey” DeRoeck says. “I wrote it in 2005 I think? It appeared as a demo on the very first Woods recording How to Survive In + In the Woods. It’s about good friends growing apart, and the ambiguity and negativity that goes along with trying to keep the friendship intact. As for the video, Reggie and I are avid tennis players and just thought it would be fun to make a tennis-themed video.”

Psych-pop rockers Spaceface get scientific on new single and video “Piña Collider”

Keeping up their own brand of summer fun, today psych-pop act Spaceface share their new single and video, “Piña Collider.” The quirky track blends funky basslines with synth driven tones and some added grooves courtesy of Nathan Price (BRONCHO). Inspired by an experience vocalist Jake Ingalls (also guitarist of The Flaming Lips) had partying with scientists at the CERN Hadron Super Collider, beneath the France–Switzerland border, the song centers around a mythic drink that discombobulates your matter and makes you realize that we are all connected as one unified human experience.


In May, the band released Higher Power – the first single from Music Of The Spheres – which has been streamed more than 160 million times. The band’s note also revealed the imminent release of an album track called Coloratura on Friday, to be followed by a new single in September.

Jahvillani’s ‘Dirt To Bentley’ Debuts #1 on Apple Music

Jahvillani’s Dirt To Bentley debuted #1 on the Apple Music All Genre Album Chart in Jamaica on its release week. Extending the run of notable chart placements, the album debuted at #14 on the US digital albums chart according to MRC sales data.

On the heels of release week, Dirt To Bentley was the topic of focus on the popular platform The Fix hosted by Naro, Ari and and Javi. The trio shared their feedback to Jahvi’s debut album earning a 7.5 from Ari, a 7.8 from Javi and a 7.8 from Naro who added “I have never really been into Jahvillani but this album really impressed me. He took chances that no other artist would take right now.”

DEFIANT Releases New EP The Rent In Hell Is Free via Curtain Call Records

Defiant released their second EP The Rent In Hell Is Free via Curtain Call Records. The EP features guest appearances by Ace Von Johnson (L.A. Guns/Faster Pussycat), Richard Reilly (The Bo Deadlys/The Victims) and Jim Taylor (Lenne).

The first single and music video “Free for A Price” is currently impacting airwaves. The band describes the new EP as cut throat, no nonsense intensity emoting apathy, anger, sorrow and fear mixed with a tablespoon of sugar to help it go down. We pulled no punches and left no risk untaken over the two- year period of writing and recording this EP and we are extremely proud to finally release it to the world.

Danish Pop Star KING Drops Her Second Single In Two Weeks

KING drops her second track in as many weeks with Angel Dust which lands with a music video that celebrates the feminine sensuality of her artistic vision.

Over the last decade and more, female expression in music videos has become increasingly sexualised: a no-clothes-on strategy which focusses on how people look and act, rather than the music and expression of the artist. These are the themes explored on the music video for KING’s latest single, which lands on Riotville Records this July.


The lyrics to “U Really Don’t Give A Fuck,” the title track of my new EP, are about the idea of losing that intangible thing that is a relationship. It’s not me, it’s not you, it’s us.

Auras Studios Announces Augmented Reality Project Launch for Miranda Lambert’s MuttNation

Auras Studios announces the launch of innovative Augmented Reality technology developed for Miranda Lambert’s MuttNation to shine a light on her nonprofit foundation while showcasing her music. At Auras Studios, the goal is to create augmented reality experiences that music fans love and appreciate. Augmented Reality experiences engage fans with unique connections to their favorite artists in the digital world. The creative technology experts at Auras Studios work directly with record labels and musicians to create innovative connections through AR marketing campaigns.

Oceanhoarse Premieres Brand New Lyric Video for “The Damage”

August 20, 2021 will see the release of Dead Reckoning, the highly anticipated debut studio album by Helsinki-based heavy metal outfit OCEANHOARSE. Featuring 13 tracks, loaded with crushing riffs, vocal harmonies and high voltage arrangements, Dead Reckoning shows a band willing to explore things in their very own style, instead of sticking to any kind of average formula.


Linecheck Music Meeting & Festival Announces 2021 Dates, Main Theme: #Reverse, First Speakers & Music Acts

The main theme of Linecheck 2021 is #Reverse: a challenge for the future of the music industry, chosen to explore the present and future of the music industry, its trends and economics with a view to pushing collective innovation outside the conventional framework.


Vancouver’s MICHELLE CREBER Captures a Picture-Perfect Day with “Feels Like Summer”

Canadian singer-songwriter Michelle Creber is cruising into summer with a fresh pop jam radiating some seriously sunny, positive vibes. “Feels Like Summer” is cruising in a convertible in the warm sunlight along a coastline of glimmering water and under cloudless skies. In other words, it’s paradise — and it’s available now!

Praises (of Beliefs, ffo Low, Zola Jesus) – New EP out Aug 5

Crowe previously found support at Exclaim and Cvlt Nation and also with LGBTQ+ titles such as Xtra Magazine. This new EP really levels up on some of Crowe’s eerie, electronic goth tones which to me, draw on the likes of Nick Cave, Annie Lennox’s avant-gardism, Rachel Goswell’s shoegaze and Patti Smith’s poetic delivery.


Today, The Furniture share the video for their new single “The Sloth.” Improvisation isn’t all about the moment itself. For Michael Kuhl and Matthew Pierce, their new project The Furniture celebrates free form spontaneity, yet arrives from a deep-routed understanding of one another. The Furniture is the pair’s debut album, being released through Cigarettes After Sex’s refreshed label Spanish Prayers and is a meditative trip through amorphous drones, rolling drums and haunting atmospheres. Although it came together in just one two-hour session, the genesis has a greater history, having played in various touring bands both in Baltimore and abroad.

Watch The Umbrellas’ homemade monster movie music video for “Near You” – self-titled debut LP is due 8/6 via Slumberland Records


Kiefer shares a new song from his forthcoming album When There’s Love Around, out August 27th on Stones Throw Records. The video, directed by Jocelyn Woods, channels the nostalgia of looking through old childhood pictures. Woods used an editing technique called step printing to create a dreamlike atmosphere that feels both fast and slow at the same time, to resemble the cloudy quality of memories.