Kenny Fame’s Releases The Perfect Summer Soundtrack ‘Time’

“Time goes by so fast when you’re having fun” may be a cliche, yet we all know it to be true. New York-based singer-songwriter Kenny Fame has released a summer-fuelled single with this heartfelt message at its core. It’s safe to say that this statement can be proven when listening through his diverse discography; time really just flew by.

The track bursts straight into action with the iconic offbeat reggae rhythm that sets the summery tone from the first chord pluck. There is an effortless fusion of soul, R&B and reggae that runs throughout the single. The light synths swim over the soundscape and bring a more R&B atmosphere. These influences flow in and out of each other, weaving a beautiful tapestry of sonic styles. Perhaps the slick unity of these musical elements comes from Kenny Fame playing or programming in all instrumentation himself. With the help of producer Jack Mullin, Kenny Fame has created a summer-fuelled song set to colour our daily soundtracks this year. Kenny Fame’s vocals sail over this luscious sonic landscape as he flexes the powerful performance prowess that makes him such an exciting artist out there right now. His vocals boast an effortless passion; he means what he’s singing, and you can feel it from your headphones to your heart. The subtle moments of vibrato are hidden jewels amongst this musical treasure chest. ‘Time’ is an enticing ode to the type of love that lets time just slip away. Kenny Fame has penned a track that speaks of the instance when you meet someone and time seems to melt in the moment. Whether you’ve had the luxury of knowing what that feels like, or are waiting for that “time slips away” encounter, ‘Time’ is an anthem for the romantic. It pours out an optimism with each hook and that is why we love Kenny Fame so much.

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By Sasha Lauryn