New Video By Nadia Vaeh “Never Leave the Basement”

Atlanta native Nadia Vaeh is an artist you will be drawn to and root for as a multi-talented survivor who has done much with her life. From songwriting to singing to modeling, Nadia has deep roots in the creative universe and continues to showcase her talents with new music and music videos. Ever since she was two years old, Nadia has been in love with music and singing. When she was in middle school, her parents placed her in a traveling choir group, where her passion for music only grew. Tragedy struck her life when Nadia lost her mother to suicide when she was only 17. After this tragic loss, Nadia strayed from music altogether and fell down a dark path. Her resilience and undeniable talent were her weapons to fight back and return to music. She is now back and ready to take the world by storm.

“Never Leave The Basement” is a cheery, sun-soaked pop track and just in time for summer. The upbeat music acts like the ultimate mirage to this song. Behind the music is a story about a girl who has the mindset of wanting to go out and do something adventurous when social anxiety kicks in. It’s a head-first dive into the world of social media and the negative beauty pressures that come with it. The lyrics are thoughtfully put together to help convey this message, and Nadia’s vocals cling to every last note and melody. With 84,000 plays on Spotify, “Never Leave The Basement” is shaping up to be a massive summer hit already.

Get ready to do some serious time travel because we’re taking a virtual trip to the last six decades in this video. The “Never Leave The Basement” video will be benefiting the Andrew Kukes Foundation for Social Anxiety. It starts with Nadia looking cozy in her bed as she tunes her guitar and strums out the first chords of the song. From there, our first stop is the ’50s, with Nadia as a housewife with big rollers in her hair and bold red lipstick. Then we go to the remaining decades with fashion statements from each one: crocheted tops, rollerblades, grunge flannels, and classic butterfly clips. Inspired by the hit TV show Wanda-Vision, director Evan Blum made sure to capture every decade with perfection. It’s a mega blast from the past, and we can’t wait to see what Nadia does next.