Brooke Josephson Releases Colourful Single ‘Rainbow’

Brooke Josephson is the formidable force making waves in the pop music scene right now. From her expressive lyricism to her captivating videos, Brooke is setting out to prove just why she deserves a place on our playlists. Her 2018 debut album ‘Sexy N’ Domesticated’ burst onto the scene with captivating confidence and a real self-assured style. Seriously, it’s unique, bold and a bit out there in the best way. With experience in theatre, TV (Bones, Disney’s Enchanted, Good Girls) and a Masters in songwriting from Berklee, you’d expect big things from the rising artist — and Brooke Josephson hasn’t disappointed with her recently released single ‘Rainbow’. 

‘Rainbow’ is the empowering anthem we all really need right now. At its heart, it’s a feel-good tune fuelled by the fundamentals of pop. But when digging deeper, Brooke packs a whole lot of truth into the infectiously fun five minutes. The soundscape is sculpted with electric guitars layered to create a luscious landscape of energetic riffs and strums. The four to the floor drum lines propels this track forward, marching us forward as we chant along with Brooke’s battle cries. Brooke’s vocals stand centre stage in the mix, sailing over the thick sonic landscape. With a powerful performance prowess, Brooke showcases why she’s such an exciting artist rising the ranks this year. Her tone and warm vocal quality are outstanding, cutting crystal clear through the choir that adorns her melodies with heartwarming harmony. Brooke Josephson sings with passion pouring out of each note, emphasising the important meaning that lies at the core of ‘Rainbow’. Brooke herself says on the meaning of Rainbow, “My hope is that this song is healing and empowering to all, to take pride in who you are, especially after the past year. The world is beyond beautiful when we embrace our rainbow of differences”. If there’s one thing that resonates after listening to Brooke’s radiant single, it’s that you must accept your true colours and truly let them shine no matter what anyone has, or will, say. 

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By Sasha Lauryn