Things to consider when planning relocating your IT setup

When you think about moving your office to a new place it becomes stressful and exciting at the same moment. The experienced state to state movers explain that you feel happy thinking about the new place and the facilities available there but then on the other hand when you think about shifting the whole stuff it becomes stressful. However, for moving the furniture and such things it is not that difficult as you can hire movers and packers for the same. They would help you move the furniture and such stuff. But when it’s about technology the relocation process must be well planned. So here are certain things which you must consider for relocating your office.

Plan and organize

This is the first stage where you should plan up how you are going to move the stuff

Put up a person on duty for moving things

Make one person responsible for moving the stuff. Don’t just claim everybody responsible for the work as then nobody would take the blame. So firstly delegate the duty to one person who looks up to everything. He would be solely responsible for all the tasks performed.

Thinks about movers and packers for the move

There are times when you want to move the stuff but then you need to understand that doing it all by yourself can save money but not your stuff. A professional would do things better and makes the move convenient for you. So hire a mover and packer in that case.

Make a list of service providers

You need to put up a person on duty who would make the list of all service providers. You are not just moving the furniture; it includes telephones, internet connections, and such things. Thus, in that case, make sure you create a list of service providers and assign it to one person who would make the move of such things complete.


When you are planning about the move of your office, understand about the location where you are moving.

Create a floor plan

You should understand the floor plan where you are shifting. Understanding the floor plan and knowing what is required where would help you plan the things. By this, you could also understand the cost involved.

Experience of other tenants

When you plan to move to a new place, meet the tenants or know about their experience. When you get in touch with them you will understand what they have gone through or what are the present tenants even facing. With this, you could make a list of the problems and solve them.

Know about the IT equipment closet

As one of the credible IT companies, you must take a systematic approach. Naming the place data center, service provider, IT room, etc., as per your convenience where all the IT equipment would be kept. You should understand about that place before only as with this you can plan about your equipment.


You need to understand what kind of infrastructure is required at the place and how you need to put up your things.

Understand the telecom needs

When you plan to move to a new place you should understand the telecom needs. You should know about all this as telephone and internet services are essential for all the business.

Availability of telecom providers in the new area

In the previous area, you might be aware of the internet service providers and the data facilities available there. But in the new area, you might not know who provides internet facilities. So make sure you know about the service providers there and connect with them.

Knowing about the wiring

When you plan to move, you should check that the wiring of the particular place is ready or not. There are chances that the wiring is not ready and then your work could be delayed. So check first about the wiring and then move.

Managed services

Managing the services is vital for a successful move. There are certain things which need to be considered.

For how much time you can give a halt to the working

When you plan to move to a new place you should understand that for some days your work would be disturbed and while shifting your working might be stopped. So before making the move understand the time for which the work would be at a halt and the alternative options by which you could carry out some tasks.

The backup of data

You need to backup all your data at a certain place where it is kept safe. The data is the key to the happy survival of the business. So make sure you save all your important files on a hard drive and different other devices before you move.

Thus to conclude, make sure you understand these are the different things which you should be concerned about while moving your IT office. Also, it is recommended to hire professional IT movers to avoid consequences and damage. If you ignore one or the other aspect then there are chances that you might face some issues.