Joe Fox and The Frantics is back on the scene with a brand new studio single: Smoke Show

Joe Fox and The Frantics is a band with a focus on creating music that blurs the lines between two seemingly different musical worlds. 

On the one hand, the track has some killer old-school sounds, bordering with psychedelic rock (Think Tame Impala, or Black Angels.) On the other hand, the group has a massive riff-driven sound with some big industrial beats that might remind you of artists such as Royal Blood or Death From Above 1979, only to mention but a few. Joe Fox and The Frantics’s most recent studio effort, Smoke Show, is a truly spontaneous and amazingly produced song, which combines psychedelic rock vibes with heavy, big, and clean-cut soundscapes.

I love it when bands have really polished sounds while also bringing some much-needed grit to their music. I think that this middle-ground approach is quite amazing, because it enables artists to capture the full detail of their sound, while also retaining some of the natural dirt of a rock band’s live spirit! Smoke Show excels at this particular task, and it serves as a fantastic taste of Joe Fox and The Frantics’s music.

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