New Video By 4Pack Boss “Johnny Dang”

Sometimes when a newcomer debuts in the music industry, it seems like they’ve been there all along. New artists just keep coming out the wood work and they just keep getting better and better – like 4Pack Boss. The Florida native is only a couple tracks deep and he’s already making a huge impact. From crafting and perfecting his sound to being one of the names behind 4Pack Ent LLC, this new rapper has done it all. After a brief six-month break, 4Pack is back and better than ever with his brand new single “Johnny Dang.”

“Johnny Dang” is an upbeat and catchy new hip-hop track with an addicting beat. With each beat drop, the song gets better and better. Although Johnny Dang sounds like a character or maybe even a persona of 4Pack, it’s actually neither. It’s not even a person at all. Johnny Dang is more of a mindset: the mindset of a go-getter and someone who’s dripping in all the amazing things life has to offer. It’s about being a boss and flashing some bling because you can. This summer song has all the right fixings for the ultimate summer hip hop track and we’re obsessed.

The video for “Johnny Dang” is the perfect visual for this sick track. The video starts with 4Pack pulling up in an impressive and wealthy looking car. As the song starts to kick into high gear 4Pack is joined by Snapp Beats as they perform in front of their cars. In between the flashing cars and gold chains we also see the crew modeling some
impressive grills. It’s the ultimate life for the ultimate new rapper and we can’t wait to see what he gets up to next. This is one artist you definitely want to keep your eyes on.