Blake Red Breaks Boundaries With Striking Single ‘The Cradle’

Blake Red is the fearless force to be setting the metal world on fire right now. Her latest single ‘The Cradle’ is a defiantly dynamic track, showcasing the more hardcore edges of her artist persona. It comes off the back of her previous single this year ‘Follow Me’. ‘The Cradle’ is an effortless evolution for the performer, writer, producer and instrumentalist who continues to break archaic genre boundaries with her passionately vulnerable lyrics and sensational sonic power.

‘The Cradle’ is bold, brilliant and head-bang inducing right from the opening grunge guitar riffs to the phenomenal drum breaks that bookend the single. Blake Red’s vocals are as vibrant as ever as she shows off the powerful pipes that make her such an exciting artist bursting onto the scene right now. If there’s one thing that strikes me about Blake Red, it’s her seemingly effortless ability to sculpt a completely hypnotic hook. ‘The Cradle’ boasts a completely captivating chorus, it’s hard not to sing along even on your first listen. Her vocal presence is awe-inspiring and stands centre stage with such strength and confidence over the immense accompaniment below. From this alone, it’s hard to imagine she’s only been releasing music since 2019. The striking soundscape is stacked with thick, grunge guitar riffs and a seriously beefy bassline. It’s not hard to picture that main guitar melody being blasted to a sweaty crowd headbanging in unison as soon as gigs will be back in action; it’s of no doubt Blake Red will be busy booking shows as soon as they are. ‘The Cradle’ effortlessly eases from intimate, intricate verses that more than pull you into awesomely overwhelming heavy metal moments. It’s Blake Red’s persona that pulls these passages together as her powerful performance prowess ebbs and flows with some serious skill. Blake Red is clearly setting out to school us all on the formidable force of female artists in the metal and rock realms. I can attest she is doing just that.


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By Sasha Lauryn