New Video By Audiopharmacy “Lose Your Mind”

Healing rooted in creativity. Culture rooted in community. When you throw on Audiopharmacy’s “Lose Your Mind,” you aren’t listening to them; you’re listening with them. And who are they? Musical and cultural ambassadors, fusing live instrumentation, turntablism, electronics, poetry, prayer, and technical lyrics that stir, heal, and reveal. They come from all walks of life, all lifestyles, and all corners of the world to make songs that are journeys just as much as they are pieces of music. They’ve performed, uplifted, and exchanged ideas on a global stage, in the US, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, France, the UK, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Samoa, New Zealand (Aotearoa), Fiji, the Solomon Islands, Ecuador, Morocco, Oman, Cyprus, and Tanzania. They may be asking you to lose your mind, but don’t worry: they’ve really come to help empower you to heal it.

The eclectic world hip-hop tribe features members with Native American, Black, Pilipinx, Fijian-Indian, Mexican, Brazilian, European, and Chinese Tibetan Buddhist roots – so it’s no wonder it’s nearly impossible to box them, “Lose Your Mind” up inside a label. But there are as many influences, movements, and moods within this one song as on some artists’ entire albums. MCs Ras K’dee, Gregg Green, Desirae Harp each take center stage, in turn, trading bars and wisdom as the music travels fluidly between continents, time periods, genres, and rhythms. Each distinctive part of “Lose Your Mind” exists as its own story within the song, challenging our very limiting ideas of what an individual “song” is. One thing remains clear throughout the track’s nearly nine-minute run: Audiopharmacy has the cure for what ails the world. Fear, division, and hatred are no match for medicine this powerful.

More of a movie than a video, “Lose Your Mind”, an Audio Cinema by Audiopharmacy, offers a wealth of stunning imagery and engaging narrative showcasing the power of creativity and culture to heal and change the world. Shot, directed, and produced by founder Teao Sense, the visuals are as epic and sprawling as the music he also produced. The video begins with a mixed-race female artist struggling to find her own grounding as she travels across multiple realities in a complex world, now more isolated and divided by the pandemic, racism and systemic oppression. What she didn’t expect was how the power of indigenous lifeways, art and love are able to help her re-balance and guide her towards her highest self. She represents many people, from all walks of life, who are questioning life and trying to figure out how to navigate this new world in a good way. Audiopharmacy envisions a future that values all life and the interconnected web that leads to collective liberation. So after this video, take some time to vibe with Mother Earth. Remember how to re-root yourself to life’s source and re-discover the beautiful community we are all a part of, and the power we have to make a more just and sustainable world for the next seven generations.