The Benefits of using Gaylord boxes for storage west shipping and storage

Not many people are aware of what Gaylord boxes are and sometimes get confused when they are mentioned. Gaylord boxes are just huge boxes that are used for shipping. They are being used in the shipping industry for decades now due to the various benefits they have.

There are various companies that sell new and used Gaylord boxes and even buy them from people. These companies include The Gaylord Box Exchange, etc.

In this article, we will tell you why Gaylord boxes are so popular in the shipping industry:

These boxes are strong:

The material that is used to make these boxes is strong and makes these boxes durable. They are made out of corrugated cardboard; this is an extremely light but strong material; it is made out of paper that cannot burst, spit, or tear.

The strength of these boxes is the main reason why they are used for shipping and storage. They can carry heavy or light material without any issues for hours!

They come in various sizes:

One great advantage of using Gaylord boxes is that they come in different sizes; thus, you can always choose the size of the box according to your needs.

The most commonly used Gaylord boxes come in the following sizes; 40-46 inches in length, 35-48 inches in width, and 24-48 inches in height.

These boxes are eco-friendly:

Gaylord boxes can easily be recycled and can be reused. While it is better if you use them once, you can always save the environment by recycling them!

One box can be used for several small shipments:

As mentioned earlier, Gaylord boxes are huge and are strong. Hence, they can be used to ship numerous shipments in one box.

If you are shipping products in bulk, Gaylord boxes are your ideal choice. These boxes help lower the expense of your shipping and also help you save space.

These boxes can be customized according to your needs:

One of the best things about Gaylord boxes is that they can be customized with ease. If you are shipping heavy contents, you can use corrugated liners on the walls and floors of the box to add more strength to it. Similarly, if you fear your product might go bad because of the moisture, you can add plastic liners to the box to protect your product.

You can also choose the type of Gaylord box you want; some Gaylord boxes are already assembled when you get them, and some come to you as a flat box. To assemble these boxes, you don’t need any glue or staplers as they can easily be assembled without them.

To wrap it up!

Gaylord boxes are being used in the shipping industry for a very long time. Their various benefits make them the perfect choice for this purpose.

However, they are also used for other purposes, such as a display. In grocery shops, fresh products such as vegetables are also kept in Gaylord boxes. This is because they are economical, eco-friendly, and at the same time, the best option for storage!