How to Use Press Release Services as a Marketing Tool?

Every business and company needs to have the best possible ways in which they can interact with a general and targeted audience. There are several traditional marketing methods that they have been using for the better promotion of the business. One of the most effective interaction methods by which companies can interact with the public is through press release services.

Press release services were first designed to serve as a great communication tool between public relations firms or media. Nowadays, people have been using online methods for every task. For this purpose, the internet has provided us with Google News and Yahoo News. These two well-known websites help to communicate with the target audience. These two websites contain press release content in bulk, and RSS has made it quite easy for people to syndicate the news. Press releases can be quite effectively used as a direct consumer communication tool. You can also use social media platforms to drive traffic towards your press releases. Some marketing specialists also use websites such as to boost the results of their marketing efforts. 

Press release services cannot only be used as the best distributing content tool among consumers but they can also be syndicated to create an incredible opportunity to get links. You can also look for the best press release services.

Online news search is quite trendy among people, and studies have shown that people once a month are likely to watch online news websites a month. There are several online news websites, such as CNN, New York Times, MSNBC, and Yahoo News. Out of all these online news websites, Yahoo News is the most visited online News channel. This is one of the most used news channels that is used by the majority of people all over the world to get authentic news content.

Press release services are one of the most used and a great opportunity to give search offers and a chance to the marketers to continue splash while ensuring that the news content achieves the required visibility of the press release content.

Press release services have proved to be one of the most effective methods to promote your brand or services to people all over the world. You can use press release services to make the content reach the target audience. People can use press release services quite efficiently and effectively as a marketing tool. Some of the most significant ways in which people can use press release services as a great marketing tool are mentioned below.

Take a start with something worth announcing

1.     Start with something worth announcing

Optimization is quite necessary to make the news famous among the public. News needs to be the most interesting if it requires to be famous among the public and reach the target audience. You need to focus on a certain and special topic to get better results. There should b appropriate information as too much information can distract the readers. Moreover, there should not be a lot of keywords as they cannot give the desired message. It would be best if you started with something interesting and easily digestible for the readers.

2.     Upward thinking can help

The second significant method in which you can use press release services for the better marketing of your brand or services is that you must use web page optimization rules to optimize the press release and use the keywords that can be effective and helpful. The keywords must be used at the top of the document.

3.     Distribute the release

The third prominent method in which you can use the press release service as a marketing tool is that you can distribute the press release through news services, such as PRWeb, Business Wire, and PRNewswire. The news search engines are more capable of filtering out duplicate news, and that is why you should not use one wire service during the same day for a press release. It can be beneficial if you use the stories with multiple angles to mix them up.

4.     Use catchy lines to make a reader read thoroughly

Another prominent and effective method in which you can use press release services for the marketing and promotion of your business is that you must use catchy lines and attractive words to catch the readers. It would be best if you gave readers a reason to continue reading. There should be more than an announcement when you are directing a consumer release. Some of the most common examples in which you can make your readers continue reading the news include free trials, webinars, email newsletters, podcasts, and consultations.

5.     Creating a landing page can help

you need to convert a landing page by converting press release visitors to prospects. Landing pages can be used in PPC campaigns. So it would be best if you use landing pages in your press release. You can embed the links for the release into related sources. You should design the location for each link so that it can improve the sales cycle to get the required outcomes.

6.     Assemble a list of media contacts

After you have made an authentic and attractive news post, you need to send it to the media contacts. It would be best if you make a list of media contacts for the release of the news. You can also send emails containing the release with an additional to-the-point summary. You can also add an exclusive if you can afford to add. You can have incredible outcomes when you suggest story ideas that can show that you are familiar with the work of the writers.

7.     Relevant and easy news

You need to provide ease and comfort to the bloggers and journalists to state your news. In the majority of the cases, bloggers will use the copy and paste option to post your summary while adding their commentary.

8.     Use a blog enabling media room

In ideal conditions, the company’s website has a blog that can help to archive the press releases by making categories. This step is done chronologically. This step offers links to media photos, a wide range of search functions, and lists used for media exposure, audio, video, and other options in the RSS feed. This can bring ease for the people interested in subscribing to company news, such as journalists.

9.     A blog post version of the news can also help

You need to write a blog post version of the news to be submitted on social media platforms. All types of content cannot be molded in this stencil. You should be clear about the things that you are writing in association with the culture of social media networks for which you need promotion. Submitting press releases directly to Reddit, Netscape, Digg, and Stumble Upon is never recommended.

10.Social bookmark websites used as clipping service

Last but not least, a significant method in which you can use press release services as a marketing tool is to use social bookmark websites as a clipping service. There are several bookmark services, such as or, You can use these services because they can be linked up to make an online media room.

Monitoring effectiveness

After you have used a marketing tool and distributed the content, you must monitor the effectiveness of the marketing tool. Below mentioned are some of the most effective ways in which you can track a press release.

  • Tracking codes embedded in the links to the landing page
  • Check the web analytics of the website
  • Google alerts can make you know when the release is picked up.