UK Hip-hop Collective The High Breed Debut New Single “Forgiveness”

UK-based hip-hop collective The High Breed are back today with “Forgiveness”, their first release of 2021. The track impressively showcases what the Bristol-based collective have become known for – conscious lyricism and wordplay combined with hypnotic, trap-infused production. “Forgiveness” also arrives alongside some cinematic visuals that elevate the song to even greater heights.

The track starts with an organ-inspired synth that instantly connects you to the song’s biblical theme, with the rolling drums and piercing hi-hats giving the song the punch it needs to deliver its weighty philosophical message. Speaking more on the track, The High Breed say, “‘Forgiveness’ is an honest dialogue about what forgiveness truly means to the individual who has done wrong in a world full of self-denial. It is an expression and an acceptance of the ‘shadow self’, a vulnerable confession about the darker nature of our humanity and a poetic discourse on the morality of the human soul, highlighting the battle between virtue and temptation that no person throughout any age has ever been free from.”

Creating music with meaning, The High Breed are a much-welcomed addition to the conscious hip-hop scene and are clearly a force to be reckoned with both lyrically and visually. And with much more to come this year from the rising collective, they will surely be an act to watch out for in 2021. “Forgiveness” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms: