Bongo Boy Records Volume XIX by Various Artists

Les Fradkin goes for the bombastic on the swinging, rock licking good time with “Turn to the Movement”. In spirt of its short duration it packs a mighty punch, with the drums hitting with a furious pounding and the vocals seemingly swimming through the din. Done with such majesty they touch upon a cinematic presence behind it.

A crystal clarity rushes through Jonah Whale’s intimate country rock of “Raise Your Hands”. There is a tenderness and compassion to the way Jonah sculpts his unique aural universe. Guitar work further highlights its graceful nature.

Diana Dilee Maher & DJ Fredy Muks updates R&B with a shimmering gleam on “Captivated”. Every single element works in unison to create a giddy work. Rhythms have an insistent, driving pulse to them perfectly punctuating the power of their words.

The soothing meditation of Abijah’s “Global Wilderness” has a delicacy to it. With a nod towards the ambience washes over the listener. Everything about it has a softness behind it.

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Quite kaleidoscopic, Jonah Whale’s “Do You Remember” blooms with color. He builds the work up until it becomes a true force of nature becoming something glorious. With nods towards power pop ballads of the 80s and 90s, there is a sense of the epic behind it.

Jlynn taps into the zeitgeist on the contemporary beat geometry of “Left on Road”. Her voice has a passionate quality to it, for it weaves its way through the groove in such a carefree way. There is a sense of pure freedom that reigns supreme.

Bass drops with a lush cadence on the intense trip of “My Love” with Sofie Elezaj’s vocals front and center of the whole work. Despite the heavy nature of the bassline, there is a delicacy that helps to inform everything. A sense of balance emerges as the piece builds up in intensity.

Studeo craft perfect guitar riffs with the powerful and aptly named “Life’s a Journey”. Done with such care, the way that they race on through adds to its sense of purpose. A clear-eyed intensity propels the song forward in a way that feels quite beautiful to behold.

A quiet sense of space takes shape on Rev. Yolanda’s low-key exploration of “Your Eyes”. The song has a quiet celebratory presence behind it, for every single flourish is magnified in the vast space. With a nod towards the mystical, the way it seemingly expands up to the heavens is a rather nice touch to it all.

“Miracle of Love” delivers a playful quality, with electro pop flourishes that feel so wonderful. Vocals have an insistence to them, for the way that the track unfurls further lends to the power of the piece. Layer upon layer bounces off each other resulting in a sense of comfort and care.

Tender tones radiate throughout Jlynn’s heartfelt “Blah Blah Blah”. Everything here works from the low-key glow of the keyboards to the patient and persistent beats. Gracefully executed the piece wraps itself around the listener.

With a theatrical flair “I Can’t Get over You” shows Studeo embracing an orchestral arrangement. Instrumentally rich the way they bring the acoustic and the electronic together adds to the warm embrace of the track. Her voice centers the work adding to its fire.

Steve Ryan features a calming presence over the reflective “Proud of Me”. A deft storyteller, the narrative that unfurls feels fully lived in. The way the rest of the arrangement helps to emphasize the strength of his words adds to its regal beauty.

Jonah Whale screams on through with the fantastic fearsome finale of “Ready Set So”. His voice has a commanding urgent plea behind it all. Done with such care, the way the song touches upon classic rock feels particularly incredible.

Featured Award-Winning Artists on this album:

1. Les Fradkin – Turn To The Movement 1:25
2. Jonah Whale – Raise Your Hands 3:45
3. Diana Dilee Maher and DJ Fredy Muks – Captivated 3:08
4. Abijah – Global Wilderness 5:10
5. Jonah Whale – Do You Remember 3:45
6. Jlynn – Left On Road 3:16
7. Sofie Elezaj – My Love 2:57
8. Studeo – Life’s A Journey 4:12
9. Rev. Yolanda – Your Eyes 3:48
10. Steve Ryan – Miracle of Love 4:09
11. Jlynn – Blah Blah Blah 3:49
12. Studeo – I Can’t Get Over You 4:14
13. Steve Ryan – Proud of Me 3:12
14. Jonah Whale – Ready Set Go 3:07