Mia Baron – ‘hide and seek’

“The first year of middle school, I was always left out because I was the new kid at school.

I used to always hide in the bathroom alone on breaks because everyone had already found their group that they belonged in and didn’t want to include me, not even my closest friends.

I hid it from everyone, especially my parents, because I didn’t want them to worry about me, but I was longing and hoping for a change.

Writing my new single, “Hide and Seek,” about this experience has felt like closing that sad chapter in my life. It has been a very rewarding process working with my co-writers, Matt Kahane and Quin Kiu.

This lyric encapsulates the point I was trying to get across in this song, that I was hiding, waiting for someone to come find me, so I could feel like I’m important and that I matter to someone.

“Hide and Seek” expresses that desire to feel like I belong, and that I am not an outsider.

I hope that as you listen, you’re able to realize that you’re not alone.

You matter more than you realize.”

Thank you for listening! Mia Baron