Merritt Gibson To Release Sophisticated and Captivating New Single “World Burns Down”

“I’m a sucker for a good hook, and these numbers are loaded with them…. I’m filing this one under ‘guilty pleasures'” -Jeff Burger, “No Depression”

Pop singer-songwriter Merritt Gibson is releasing “World Burns Down,” an obsessive and intensely emotional addition to the canon of pop minimalism. It has all the makings of a hit for the Internet Age: a unique backstory— she woke up from a fever dream with the first verse fully written in her head; sophisticated lyrics that have led to comparisons to Lorde and Taylor Swift; and a catchy, yet minimalist, melody reminiscent of Billie Eilish. Merritt’s smooth and alluring vocal delivery makes for an engrossing and all-encompassing listening experience.

From Merritt: “The writing process for ‘World Burns Down’ was my most transcendent and intense yet. I got sick with mono while interning at the performing rights organization ASCAP in Nashville and woke up from a terrible fever dream with the first verse fully formed in my head. I translated the physical experience of fever and chills into their emotional equivalents, creating a more mature take on being ‘lovesick.’ This song is about replacing the fever of desire with the fire of love, trading one hot thing for another. I’m really into developing literary themes in my music and making sure that my songs really mean something.”

After that unique writing experience, Merritt turned to Nashville-based producer and pop powerhouse Phil Barnes (founder of the new AND CO Records) to create a smooth, vibey, minimalist track that highlights her vocals. It was mastered by Sam Moses, who always adds a creative musical element to his work. Merritt will be releasing a series of new pop singles in the coming months as she embarks on a full time music career.