Five Reasons To Incorporate CBD Gummies Into Your Lifestyle Routine

CBD edibles, such as delicious and well-flavoured gummies, are slowly gaining popularity – making them the obvious choice if you want your daily supplement of CBD without having to worry about dosing. In fact, CBD gummies are taking the world by storm. They’re good for you, with a wealth of therapeutic benefits, and they taste amazing. So, if you’re thinking about adding CBD gummies into your daily supplement of CBD, the CBD market has an array of specialised CBD gummies for you to try – no matter if you like your gummies strong, high in quantity or vegan, you will find a wide variety of options.

But why should you go for taking your daily dose of CBD in gummy format?

Fixed Dosage

As research on the benefits of taking this cannabinoid on a daily has advanced over time, we’ve come to the conclusion that CBD is good for you. But imagine having to calculate the dose of any supplement before taking it? Sounds pretty time-consuming, right?

Whether you decide to use CBD for pain, anxiety or sleep, a delicious CBD-infused gummy a day can be a fuss-free, easy and fixed way to get CBD into your system. In other words, your CBD dose can be calculated for you. This is great for mornings where you find yourself in a rush: because while we always have time for CBD, we don’t always have the time to calculate the dosage of CBD oil required for the day.

Longer In Your System

Here’s the thing about edible forms of CBD – while it takes a little longer to kick in, it lasts a lot longer in your system. So, if you’re finding yourself needing a CBD supplement that can last you the whole day, edibles like CBD-infused gummies will do the trick. According to scientists, when ingested, CBD’s effects last from 6-8 hours in the system– with some cases showing longer than that. And although this usually depends on a person’s metabolism, the dosage of CBD taken, and how often a person takes CBD – the widespread consensus tells us CBD gummies last longer.

Now, the drawback to ingesting CBD lies in the fact that its effects don’t tend to kick as quick as other methods. This is because, when ingested, the CBD gummy needs to travel all the way down the digestive tract and, subsequently, into the liver. It is there that the CBD breaks down and, finally, enters the bloodstream. When CBD is metabolised by the liver, something known as the ‘first-pass effect’ occurs. This happens when the enzymes in the liver break down CBD so that its concentration alters slightly before allowing the CBD to enter the bloodstream and interact with the endocannabinoid system.

Although the concentration of the CBD does alter in the liver, and the effects take a little longer to kick in (usually 1-2 hours), this method ensures that the CBD releases slowly, in relaxing waves- making it perfect for CBD newbies who require a gentle, more equalised, effect.

This leads us to our next point…

More Effective For Less

Who would think a tiny little gummy could have such a long-lasting therapeutic effect on the system?

Well, us!

Because CBD makes a slow passage through the digestive tract, until it enters our liver, the CBD has to pass through the stomach. Our stomach is a great organ – its main requirement is to let things go through it. So, even the smallest CBD-infused gummy can pass through the system with ease and effectiveness. And even as the liver metabolises the CBD, there’s still enough of it left so that we feel the effects, albeit in a more stabilised, gentle way. Because slow amounts of CBD release into the bloodstream after being metabolised by the liver, the effects are long-lasting.

This is different to when we smoke CBD through a CBD vape pen. Because the lungs quickly let out CBD into the bloodstream, its effects come on pretty quickly- which is a bonus for those who want effects to kick in quickly. But, because the role of the lungs is to keep things out of the system, the effects of CBD only last for a short time. As the CBD vapour doesn’t stay in the lungs, or the bloodstream, for too long, more of it is needed to induce the therapeutic effects that we all deserve. We can safely say that ingesting your CBD orally might well be the right payoff for those who prefer the slow and steady therapeutic approach.

Taste Great

There’s something appealing to our inner child to know that healthy sweets exist. Put away the apples- a CBD gummy (or two!) a day may well keep the doctor away!

Although you might not want to be digging into a whole pack of these, even one of our CBD-infused gummy bears tastes great, getting your morning going on the right note. Since studies show that food which tastes good stimulates our dopamine-reward centres, CBD gummies get us feeling positive from the jump.

The Most Comfortable Method

This might just be an underrated point, but it’s a point that’s pretty important.

See, a lot of us have started to see the merit of taking CBD as a supplement- that is, taking a fixed dosage for any purpose, from improving sleep hygiene to boosting cognition. And with the belief that CBD should be used as a supplement, isn’t it important that we make sure our CBD intake is comfortable and good for us?

Vaping CBD can be harsh on the lungs and uncomfortable for the throat – they can also be pretty conspicuous and complicated (especially if you’re not used to vaping or smoking). CBD suppositories, as useful as they might be for targeting localised pain, might be long-winded- especially for everyday purposes. And, while CBD oil is one of our favourite and creative ways to ingest CBD, it can be hard to find a fixed dosage for beginners – especially during those hectic mornings.

We’ve done the math- and a fixed, edible, delicious dosage of CBD is full of ease and perfect for that slow-release. When it comes to comfort, CBD gummies are where it’s at!


Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned CBD veteran, CBD gummies are great for a whole range of taste palettes.