How to decorate your music studio?

A music studio for real artists and musicians is a sacred abode. The atmosphere and setting where musical magic is created must be specially arranged. Firstly, it must match the mood of the creator and adjust it to the desired energy. Secondly, aesthetics is art. Various posters, placards, decor objects tell about the artist no worse than his music. So let’s not waste time, and let’s move on to tips on how best to equip your music studio.

1. Lighting.

The eternal problem: daylight or artificial one? Panoramic windows or dimmed lamp lights? Well, of course, everything is subjective. Therefore, only you can choose. Although you can combine these two things. Just buy curtains or jalousie for panoramic windows, and more garlands and a variety of lamps. And now you adjust your lighting according to your mood! Voila.

2. Size matters.

Choose a fairly large space because you need to place all the equipment, and even arrange the studio the way you see it. It should match you. That is, we add here soft comfortable sofas (a good option – stylized as the skin material, this is a classic), a carpet for greater comfort and another area of ​​free space so that you do not interfere with anything. Yes, there are many whims, but you have the right to want a lot and get what you want. You are an artist!

3. Pity the neighbors.

We do not want problems, do we? So you need to purchase a soundproofing surface for the walls. Of course, we want to show our neighbors what real music is, but I think they know about it themselves. And if they want to listen, then welcome to our brand new studio. Extra fans are not superfluous at all.

4. Who are we? Musicians! What do we want? Posters!

Decorate your studio with bright or minimalist wall art, find inspiration in incredible paintings of your favorite artists, musicians, singers and band members. Various motivational quotes that are related to music. Let your studio play with new notes and a new melody.

Images of the Beatles, if you are a fan of classics, Michael Jackson, or less pop, but no less talented, bands – are easily provided! For motivation, perseverance, faith and inspiration, posters should remind you of your strengths and support you when things are going wrong. Set up your music studio just the way you want it. Only you know what inspires you. So go ahead.

What brings more strength to work and develop your creativity, if not paintings and art? This is a kind of art barter. One type of creativity inspires the creation of another, isn’t it wonderful? Energy exchange. You never know which picture will inspire you to create a cool super-hit, right?

5. Minimalism will help us.

Of course, everyone has their own taste, but, in my opinion, it is better to make a monochrome interior that will not distract from the main flow of energy – the musicians theyself. Among many other extras, keep in mind that the room must have the required equipment. We see the difference: required and optional, right? However, everyone determines what is a “must” and what is optional on their own.

Finally saying, you should be guided by your inner feelings when choosing the interior and arrangement of your music room. All rules and standards do not work when there is a wild desire and thirst to act. And I just gave advices on some points where you doubt to make this or that choice.

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Follow the voice of your heart with confidence. It will not let you down in decorating your studio. As well as Texelprintart ;)