How custom packaging can be deceiving for customers

Product packaging boxes can elevate your brand. Brands work day and night to have the best packaging. Custom product packaging boxes that can make the brand look superior to all its competitors. Packaging manufacturers like OBT Packaging work hard to provide their clients with a variety of packaging. So there are plenty of options for businesses to choose from. From the quality of packaging to the printing, everything goes through strict checks. We are living in a time where custom product boxes have become the faces of brands.

In the effort to make custom product boxes stand, sometimes brands add elements that are potentially deceiving their customers. This deceiving is occasionally strategic and can not be considered too unethical. But sometimes, it is unintentional and can cause harm to the brand too. However, it is better to keep a check on the product packaging boxes and packs to have the full knowledge.

Here is a list of things that can be misleading to customers. You can check these and find if your custom product packaging boxes are free of them or not. This will also help you with the ethical situation of them.

Size of the Packaging

One of the most deceiving things is the size of the custom packaging. The size of the product is usually a lot smaller than the size of the box. You see this happening all the time. It is not unethical. A lot of the time, it is the need of the packaging. The manufacturing of the products is not cheap. It takes a lot of investment to make the product.

With time, manufacturing is getting expensive, and established brands can not help the downsizing of the product, but they try to maintain the size of custom product packaging boxes. If you suddenly decrease the size of the product packaging boxes, it leaves a very bad impression on the regular customers. You can deceive them with the size of the product, but custom product boxes are easily noticeable.

Window boxes play a huge role in it. Customers see the product through the clear window, but it is usually much less than customers imagine. The best example of the package to product ratio is the packet of chips. You must have gotten the idea now. So this is technically deceiving, but a lot of the time, it is necessary to do that to match the manufacturing prices of the product.

Inside fillings

Another way we deceive our customers is that we add fillings to create the illusions of the filled pack. The easiest way to understand is those clear trays in the cake packs that are almost half empty a lot of the time. Custom product box packaging does come with some fun filling at some times. For example, in Hershey kisses, packs have so many strings that are part of the design.

These strings are weighed with the product. These kinds of fillings help product sellers deal with the manufacturing costs of the product. This is not unethical, but it is better not to overdo it. Customers can get annoyed if the fillings are too many, and you have to find the product by digging them. So use this tact carefully for quality control. Abusing anything is bad and can bring you loss in the business.

Wrong Representation

Now come to the unethical part that can be avoided by being responsible. Product packaging boxes should be able to convey what the product is. You can all think of the products that were completely not what you thought. We have seen toilet cleaning bottles that look like juice bottles. So make sure when you design your packing, try not to leave any ambiguity in the customer’s head.

Wrong representation of the product can leave a lifelong impact on your brand. You might never be able to recover from it to get back the confidence of your customers. It can happen unintentionally, so make sure that you check the final packaging multiple times before releasing it into the market. Once it is out, there is no going back, and the losses in product packaging boxes will have to be bear by you. Make sure you use the services of companies like OBT Packaging who can help you with authentic and well-represented designs.

Low-quality Product

Now coming to the lowest and completely unacceptable part of the deceiving customers. This is about selling low-quality products in extremely good quality custom product packaging boxes. We all have bought incredibly good-looking packed products thinking that they will have a good quality product and then being disappointed by the quality. This is extremely unethical in the world of business. You should never be saving money on product manufacturing and then spend it on packing. No matter how important packaging is, it is still not as important as the actual product. So the first prodigy should be the product quality control.

If you sell a substandard product, then there is no way the customer will return to you. An amazing-looking packaging can entice customers to buy the product once but to come back to that packaging; the product has to worth it. So never think that you can get away with it. It can cost you your whole business. So play safe and don’t deceive your customers.

Final Words

Intentional and unintentional deceiving of customers is very common in the trade. Some can be forgiven, and others can not be. You need to pick your game very carefully. Do not play with the customers’ trust in the hope of bouncing back. If you are running low on funds, you can compromise on the quality and finish of the packaging. Compromising the quality of the product is downright wrong.

You can play smartly without interfering with the original product. Customers are smart enough these days to understand why they have to lessen the quantity of the product. You can ethically deceive your customers but not cause them any loss. It has to be out of need and not because of bad intentions.