How to choose the Best Microphone for Your Band

Looking to deliver a stellar performance with your band? There are a couple of things that you need to take care of first. The equipment you use plays a crucial role in how things go in this matter. They could make a lot of difference in your performance. So to deliver your best, you’d need to be well-equipped for it. The microphone you’re using is one of the most important aspects that need your attention. Apart from knowing which ones to use, you also have to know how to choose among them. So keep reading if you need some help with that.

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Things you have to consider

For the purpose of a band, you have to essentially look for a best microphone for vocals. Now there are many good options in the market that can fit your requirements. However, it’d be better if you know how to choose between them first. For that you need to make the following considerations:-

Where you’ll be using it

You may be going for a live performance or recording in a studio. In the first case, a dynamic mic would be perfect for you. These are less sensitive to frequency and hence are suitable for use in a place full of people. Condenser mics, on the other hand, are more suitable for a studio where there’s little to no outside noise.

The instruments that you’ll be using

You surely would be using one musical instrument or other to go along with the vocals. The type of mic you should use depends on the frequency of the instruments. As seen in the previous point, dynamic mics have a low response to frequency. They would work the best with instruments that have a high frequency. Similarly, dynamic mics are suitable for low-frequency instruments.

Sound pickup pattern

For optimal vocal quality, you would want to keep out surrounding sounds. You’d want the mic to capture only the voice of the singer or instrument. In that case, microphones with cardioid patterns would be perfect for this. They only pick up the sound that’s coming directly from their front effectively. Moreover, they reject the ones from the back completely and most of that coming from the sides as well.

Sound quality

This is the most important thing to consider. You might be a little confused as to how to differentiate in this matter. To simplify it for you, you must choose between XLR mics only. That’s because they have better sound quality in general. Therefore, they might be more preferable to you for your band. However, this means that you have to invest more as they generally have a price than USB mics. Moreover, you also have to use an interface with them.


Apart from other qualities, you might also want to give some attention to durability. In the case of on-stage use, you must opt for dynamic mica as they’re more durable. For studio recordings, you can choose either of the two types.


It must be pointed out straight away that you have to spend more to get better quality. Dynamic mics come at a considerably lower price as compared to condenser mics. However, it might be better if you choose the type that’s suitable for you rather than one that is more affordable. The investment would be worth it after all.

Best Microphone for Vocals

Now you know how to choose between the multitude of options in a simple way, you might want to look for the best microphone for vocals. There is a wide range of options that provide high performance and quality. To narrow it down for you, here are some of the best ones you can give a try:-

Shure SM7B

A list of the best vocal microphones will never be complete without this model. It’s undoubtedly the best option you can find currently. Not only that, but it has been so for quite a long time and remains unrivalled. To give you an idea, it is a go-to choice for many professional music artists. As a condenser mic, it gives you superb audio quality in a recording studio. For all that it has to offer, it comes at a very reasonable cost and without any downsides.

Shure SM58

Want to rock the audience with your live performance? This model, another one from Shure, can be called a classic for that purpose. With crystal clear audio, it’s probably the best dynamic mics out there. It has been and continues to be used by professional musicians for a very long time. That can give you an idea of its competence and capability. Moreover, this is also probably one of the most durable dynamic mics you’ll find, making it perfect for on-stage use.

Rode NTK

Want an optimal quality in your recordings? The NTK made by Rode would be your go-to choice at a reasonable price. It gives the recordings a quality of warmth and fullness that’s unmatched by most other mics. Even though condenser microphones are known to be significantly less durable, this one is seemingly an exception. Overall, it’ll be a worthwhile investment to make for your band.


Before you choose a suitable microphone for vocals, you have to make some considerations. Only then will you be able to get the best one for your requirements, and hence the best results. The considerations mentioned here are some of the most important ones. There can be others apart from these as well, but they’re not as relevant to the performance as these are. They’ll surely help you find the best microphone for your band.