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Bevar Sea Is Back With A Brand New Single And Video!

Five years after releasing their sophomore album ‘Invoke the Bizarre’, Bangalore’s Bevar Sea used the Covid-19 imposed lockdown as an opportunity to regroup and start working on the third album titled ‘The Timeless Zone’. With the backdrop of the lyrics portraying a tryst with the consciousness of man, storying into travels and visions within the self, the music on this song and over the course of the album, pays homage to the glory years of the 70s and 80s hard rock and metal with the typical rifftastic stoner/doom sound the band has embraced on the two albums prior to this.

Swedish Thrashers LEACH release D.O.D. Single Via Metal-Rules

Lovely Light of Life is their third major rodeo and, straight out of the gate, it’s a thrash, hardcore and rock ‘n’ roll mission statement. LEACH have established a style and sound which is wholly theirs and which makes them stand out from the crowd. Lovely Light of Life will be released worldwide on May 21st on the American label Brutal Records.

Leach Premiere – D.O.D Feat. Bjorn Speed Strid

PARADISE CIRCUS – Release new single ‘What A Way (Cheetah)’

Midlands based Paradise Circus emerge as a breath of fresh air to the UK indie-rock circuit. Consisting of David Purchase on vocals, Callum Cartwright on lead guitar, Sam Allen on bass and Nathan Shingler on drums, the group first met as teenagers in Birmingham and quickly bonded by their unwavering love of music, that soon transformed the friends into the electric four-piece seen today.

FRESH announce ‘The Summer I Got Good at Guitar’ EP and share single ‘My Redemption Arc’

FRESH have worked tirelessly since their inception – touring with the likes of The Beths, PUP, Adult Mom and more, releasing two albums and amassing a devoted fanbase following appearances at Fest, Manchester Punk Festival and The Fest in Madrid amongst others. For a band that have existed for a relatively short period of time, the four-piece have already released a hefty catalogue of work – prolific, ever evolving and always fresh (in every sense of the word). The UK punk scene continues to suffer at the hands of Covid-19 and following a year of no live shows, ‘The Summer I Got Good at Guitar’ is here to remind us not only of what we’re missing but of what we’ve got to look forward to when FRESH can finally tour again.

French melo-death metallers Swarmageddon shared new official music video “Brave New World”

6 months after the official release of their debut album ‘Inhuman’, French melodic death-metallers SWARMAGEDDON are still working hard to create and share new content to promote their music and just shared and official music video illustrating the song “Brave New World” on YouTube.

Charlotte OC returns with singles “Bad Bitch” & “Forest”

A revered artist, Charlotte OC has been praised by many and heard by millions. The Blackburn-born artist of Malawian-Irish descent has a swooning reputation of capturing hearts across the world with her captivating, effortless vocals.

Starting the year as she means to go on, Charlotte has dropped two singles at once, “Bad Bitch” and “Forest”, which showcase the differentiating depths of her artistry. Both singles, which were released on 15th April, are the first helping of OC’s forthcoming full-length album, Here Comes Trouble, penned for release in October this year. This is Charlotte’s most honest & vulnerable work to date – this is Charlotte broken and on the floor, mending the shattered pieces of her heart & forced to face her inner demons. You won’t get any more real than this.

SUNRISE presents the second single from the upcoming album

Prominent Ukrainian power metal act SUNRISE presents the second single “Equilibrium” from the upcoming 4th full-length album, which will be released on May, 18th.

The song sets the main sound conception of the upcoming album: powerful, assertive, aggressive, and melodic at the same time; it opens the new music approach of SUNRISE and shows a catchy combination of modern metal, power metal, electronic elements, and progressive structures built on drum’n’bass foundation.

B&T 979 – ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis – It’s A Sad Thing

This is the fourth single release from the ‘transatlantic quarantaine sessions’.

From 1998 up to 2020 Boo Boo Davis used to tour in Europe several times each year and a lot of music was written and recorded during these tours. Covid-19 created a (temporarily) stop to that tradition. But with the help of the internet and Chris Brown in St Louis, the guys from ElectroBluesSociety started to exchange idea’s and demo tapes with Boo Boo in East St Louis (USA) and their studio in the Netherlands.

‘Burn To Ashes’ the brand new Darkwave record from Black Velvet Butterfly

Burn To Ashes is 80’s inspired Darkwave with a pinch of industrial to flavour. Basically a song about being fed up with everything and wishing the whole world would crawl away and die.

Black Velvet Butterfly is from Auckland New Zealand and resonate with all things Goth. We want to be the sound track to your best Goth lifestyle. Listen to us while you put on your make up and sulk or while you hang out in a graveyard taking selfies, wishing you were there for the 80’s. We’re here for you.

Zac Crye “All The Same” EP Is Out Now!

“This ain’t no obsession, this is possession of my soul.” A blatant warning from the track “Possession,” off of Zac Crye’s debut, 2013 ep, “Three Finger Lid”.

Now Zac is back, dropping his sophomore release on Bandcamp April 9th, and on all other major platforms April 16th – a five track stoner rock EP with psychedelic elements to accent. Solely composed and recorded by Zac, this recording is a full demonstration of his musical fortitude and songwriting prowess that takes you deep within the realm of Zac Crye!

MK Music USA Signs The Almas To Management Deal!

MK Music USA is extremely excited to introduce The Almas from New Munster, WI to the family! The Almas are an international touring hard rock band from New Munster, Wisconsin. Formed in 2016, the band released their Eponymous EP and a year later the full length album ‘Back To Bad’. Their music has a very large and refreshingly organic sound that follows in the many traditions of the yester-year of Rock N Roll, thus gaining them the reputation of being a hard rock version of Fleetwood Mac, just dirtier. Since The Almas full length release, they have toured North America numerous times. Most notably the “Sin City Tour” which spanned over two months. Their tours have taken them to world-famous venues such as the Whisky a Go Go in L.A., and allowed them to perform with artists such as Saliva, Wayland, Shallow Side, Dizzy Reed, Tantric, Max Weinberg, Janet Gardner of Vixen, and Jake E. Lee to name a few. They impart the truest essence of Rock n’ Roll through guitar driven licks, road dog attitudes, and a high energy, professional live performance! The Almas have released their newest full length album ‘Truth Sells’ which will be followed by a multiple tours through out 2021. The band plans to release music videos and new merch in support of the new album.


ONISM – new single “Heartbeat”

Onism is a darkwave music project that was created by Lupe and Luna on February 2020, as the attempt of two people to express the realization that we, as human beings, are finite. Lupe and Luna were born in Athens, Greece. They are both trained singers and vocal coaches and they also play the piano. Lupe has released his first album called “Burn” and is the lead singer of the gothic rock band Mosquito. Onism’s debut release is the “Leyes” EP, which contains four songs and is already released in digital format. All songs were created and recorded by Lupe and Luna at the ML Studio.

New EP By Miklo – ‘Free Me’

Miklo is a brand new music artist from Amsterdam. His first EP ‘Free Me’ released April 7th. With his high euphoric voice Miklo breathes the free minded atmosphere of his hometown. The EP is a mix of mellow pop music with a influence of trap. The EP is a first introduction and takes you trough his personal journey of self development and builds up to a symbolic theme of Rebirth in this process. The first music video will release Monday 19th. He produced the whole EP himself and released an alternative version of the last song ‘Reborn’ with Italian producer Luca Rezza who premiered the song in Italy on various digital stages.

NEW RELEASE: NEW Music Video – “Criminal” by The J.O.B.

Inspired by the protests and police confrontations in their hometown during the summer of 2020, Richmond rock band, The J.O.B. decided to preserve the moment with this powerful new music video for their latest single, “Criminal”. With this video, the band boldly demonstrates what can happen when creativity, musicianship, and a video camera intersect with important cultural events.

“There’s a lot to this song, a lot of subtext,” says Jim O’Ferrell, the band’s co-founder and singer/guitarist. “We witnessed the demonstrations happening downtown every day, every night, here and in other cities all at once,” O’Ferrell explained. “We recognized it as a pivotal event of our generation and we had to write about it, to preserve it as we experienced it.”

CHRISTOPHER WARD Releases “Black Velvet”

JUNO Award-winning Canadian songwriter, artist, author and MuchMusic original VJ Christopher Ward has recorded a new take on his most recognizable song, the Billboard #1 hit “Black Velvet” — available now.


Chico says the track is “a confidence booster. I like making songs that exude in confidence and inspire me with a groovy feel.”

Dan Curtin shares video for ‘Soul System’, created by Rose Bonica

In February, US-born producer/ DJ Dan Curtin shared his EP ‘Soul System’ via the German imprint and multichannel platform, Sound of Berlin.

The EP radiates a sort of nostalgia back to when clubs were open and we were allowed to spend our weekends on the dance floor. Fusing elements of several different genres, ranging from groovy house and funk to organic aspects of house and hip hop while factoring in aspects of futuristic techno.