Moli shares homemade video for “Insomnia”

Falling down the rabbit hole of social media and your own thoughts – a feeling we all know too well.

When the Belgian singer-songwriter Moli was failing to fall asleep in a hostel in London and fell down that rabbit hole, she ended up writing a song about it. With “Insomnia”, she deals with feeling stressed out, not being able to sleep and sleep paralysis.

She says: “I wrote Insomnia while I was in London. At the time I was staying in a youth hostel. Always a bit of a hit and miss. I was very used to it as I nearly always stayed in hostels on writing trips and had had some great experiences but some not so great. This one particular night, I had been assigned a shared dorm on the ground floor and my bed was on the top bunk situated right next to the window where this one bright light shined directly onto my bed in my face. It was summer, the room was super hot so we also needed to keep the window open and people were being super noizy outside, I couldn’t sleep at all. I was lying there tossing and turning all night and anxiety creped up on me. I spent a while on my phone going through the news and social media and that stressed me out even more. I went down a rabbit hole of thoughts about life, had a little existential crisis. I was in the studio the next few days and felt inspired by that experience among other sleepless nights and the nights where I have sleep paralysis to write Insomnia.”